What’s All The Buzz About?

Bee on rose of sharon2

I spent some time walking around the yard yesterday, whilst taking photos of various flowers to share with you on my blog post today. While photographing the beautiful Rose of Sharon blossoms, I started noticing numerous Bumblebees flitting about, so I began observing them closer. Some were laden with massive gobs of pollen on their backsides, legs, and abdomens! A couple had collected enough that they were a bit slower at taking off for flight.

Bee on rose of sharon

Then I got the idea of trying to video them in slow-motion, and was amazed at how this first video turned out! After watching it a couple of times, I turned up the sound to see if it had captured the sound of their iridescent wings in flight in slow-motion as well, and it did, making it even more amazing to watch and hear! Here it is, so make sure your sound is turned up!

I then got somewhat fixated on photographing and videoing the bees and other insects that were hard at work collecting pollen. I thought this metallic green fly of some sort particularly pretty. It appeared quite content to be exploring the numerous Black-eyed Susans blooming throughout the garden.

black-eyed susie flower

Even though our yard is only 3/4 of an acre, it holds so much to share and entertain one with, when the time is spent truly observing and listening. And just like, before I knew it, I had spent well over an hour walking around observing and videoing the bees!

bumble bee photo

Our Rose of Sharon bushes are full of blossoms currently, which attracts more bees and other insects for me to watch. I noticed whilst videoing the bees, that when clouds moved across the sky and covered the sun, that the blossoms, which were wide-open mere moments before, started closing up with the reduction in sunlight. However, this was no bother to the bees, as they continued to wriggle their way up into the closing blossoms, emerging covered in hundreds of minute white particles of pollen. Here is another video of a pollen covered bee, with a wee sweat bee photo bombing it.

I couldn’t stop myself from taking photos and trying to capture their amazing flight in slow-motion videos!

bee collecting pollen

I enjoyed this wonderfully relaxing way of passing time until the clouds grew heavy and the sky darker, and the rain started to fall. Of course, it was “party over” for hanging out with the bees, but afterward, everything looked lush and green once again and after having endured a long dry spell, we are most thankful for the refreshing afternoon showers!

~ In The Studio ~

Since most of our art shows have been canceled due to the virus, I have decided to paint some things that I’ve wanted to do for quite some time. I have always been an admirer of Leonardo da Vinci, and especially his painting of Mona Lisa, so I decided to try painting this masterwork in miniature and am having a great time doing it! I have been taking time-lapse videos of my progress all along, and when it’s completed I will have a video for you showing the miniature painting from beginning to end.

Da Vinci's Mona Lisa in miniature

Would you like to enjoy your own special miniature painting? 

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