Chillin’ In Changing Times

Well, I’m hoping my blog looks better this week than last week. I’ve watched tutorial videos and read about how to use the new block editor, and I guess they helped some, but mostly I’m thinking that time and use will be the best teacher as I move forward. I still have my fingernails etched deeply into the soil as technological changes keep dragging me into the future, whether I like it or not. As you can see I actually learned how to put a BIG initial letter in my paragraph . . . Ha Ha! While many parts of life continue to be stressful, we were able to enjoy a couple of hours at one of our favorite spots at the river for snorkeling and swimming. Friends Tom and Sharon met us there and as you can see from the photo above, there’s plenty of space for social distancing while relaxing. And relax we did, enjoying every minute of it, totally amazed that we had it all to ourselves for the first time all summer!

I so enjoyed blissfully floating along the surface of the clear water, while peering below and watching an ever-changing submerged scene unfolding before my eyes. I saw several fish, including seven big Redhorse, one appearing to be nearly two feet long and it was incredible to watch!

There’s a tiny Damselfly on the log

Another morning we went to the lake for awhile to enjoy some kayaking and fishing. Once again I enjoyed having multiple damselflies all over my kayak as well as myself! I also watched several hoverflies and a hummingbird drinking from the numerous flowers blooming along the water’s edge.

I saw at least three baby turtles as well, two of which were quite tiny and totally adorable! I slowly glided past them without hardly paddling, to be sure and not scare them.

You have to look really close to see the wee turtle

So many of the days this summer seem to last forever, having to isolate with the pandemic, so I can’t believe August is almost over, and September is already upon us! It doesn’t seem possible in many ways. Nonetheless, the fact that summer is coming to an end soon is all too obvious with the foliage on some of the trees already starting to turn shades of red and gold in spots, and I must admit I’m not ready to pack away the wetsuit, snorkel and mask just yet.

~ In The Studio ~

I’ve been painting on my dog commission of Mocha this past week, and plan to finish her this week, as well as the time lapse video of the painting. I’ll share both of those with you next week and hopefully some more progress on my miniature version of Vermeer’s “Girl With a Pearl Earring”.

“Mocha” in progress

Would you like to enjoy your own special miniature painting?

Until Next time ~ Rachelle

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