Enjoying the Underwater Universe

cute squirrel photo

One of my squrriel friends enjoys her dining experience at the new table!

Happily, I’ve figured out how to revert back to using the classic editor for my blog, so this is a happy day indeed! It gives me hope that we don’t always have to adapt to the constant changes in our world today, although I still can’t figure out how to justify my text any longer. I know that’s not a big deal, but to a recovering perfectionist, it would be so much more pleasing if I could make my text even, Ha Ha! On that note, I’m drawing near the end of Henry David Thoreau’s wonderful book, “Walden“. I have so greatly enjoyed this book and now that I’m reading his conclusion, I can only imagine what he would think of what our society has become today.

rachelle siegrist tubing

Friend Sharon and I isolating while tubing

We got to spend some time at the river a couple of days this past week, and it was wonderful, especially the one day! The river was almost completely void of tourists and it was like we had somehow managed to slip back in time for a short while. Of course the fact that the morning started off very cloudy, I’m sure helped matters in our favor. Nonetheless, Wes and I walked to a favorite spot for snorkeling, where we enjoyed swimming and watching the fish for a couple of hours, before having our picnic lunch along the river’s edge. As we sat there, the cutest little salamander walked up out of the water right where we were, and came up beside us, where it remained in my shadow for a few minutes. It then crawled along the metal bottom of my folding lawn chair. As it went on its way, we thought our little friend was going to leave us, but it suddenly turned around and came right back to us, walking alongside my foot, where it stopped and put it’s wee little foot up on my foot. “Oh . . . that’s so special!” I exclaimed aloud to Wes, with great enthusiasm. Obviously, that encounter made my day! 

rachelle siegrist snorkeling

Enjoying time in my underwater universe!

I snorkeled for a while longer and then we joined our friends for a couple of hours of tubing. It was actually our first tubing trip of the entire summer, since up to that point there had been way too many people to safely tube, while trying to keep a social distance. Needless to say, we thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it! In the studio I’m currently making final adjustments to my dog commission of Mocha. Upon finishing her portrait this week, I’ll make the video of the time-lapse video segments I’ve been taking to share on YouTube. I thought you’d enjoy seeing my set up for taking these time-lapse videos of my painting progress. Wes came up with the idea of using this old piece of drain pipe, which he attached to my easel with a bolt, and it works brilliantly!

step-by-step dog painting video

Here’s a close up of Mocha with her darkened background, which I’m still making some final adjustments to with stippling marks. 

cocker spaniel dog painting commission

Mocha getting close to being completed

Do you want to enjoy your own special miniature painting?

Then contact us via the link below! You can also visit our website, subscribe to our YouTube channel or follow us on Facebook via the links below.

Until Next time ~ Rachelle

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