Painting A Dog Named “Mocha”

Cocker Spaniel painting


I finished my dog commission this past week of “Mocha” and got the time-lapse video made and uploaded to YouTube so you can enjoy watching her come to life! I had the fun opportunity to meet Mocha, a year and a half ago. Wes and I went out to Colorado to visit friends and attend the American Women Artists show at the Steamboat Art Museum in beautiful Steamboat Springs. Whilst staying with our friends, we were invited over to other dear friends home for dinner one evening. It was a wonderful time and I so enjoyed getting to pet and play with Mocha. 

I love the beautiful wood door and iron accents, and was delighted that it was part of the painting. I’ve always rendering wood grain and metal, so painting those parts were almost as much as painting Mocha! In case you’re wondering, she’s painted with watercolor and gouache on Crescent hot press watercolor board. So without further ado, here’s the video of Mocha’s portrait being created below.

See our touring exhibition Exquisite Miniatures now through November 4, 2020 at The Art Center, located in Quincy, IL. You can see several of the miniature paintings included in this exhibition on their website.

Siegrist Exquisite Miniatures at The Art Center

Do you want to enjoy your own special miniature painting?

Then contact us via the link below! You can also visit our website, subscribe to our YouTube channel or follow us on Facebook via the links below.

Until next time ~ Rachelle

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