What Lurks Below the Water

Well it happened early this year, the water temp of our river dropped to 60 or below seemingly overnight, so, unfortunately, I guess my snorkeling days have come to an end. This time of year is always sad for someone who is a water baby, like me, and I’m already missing hanging out with my aquatic friends! There’s just something mesmerizing and very peaceful about peering down into the watery depths and watching the fish and other critters swim below. Nonetheless, we had a couple of gorgeous days of weather, so we went kayaking instead. I mustered up enough strength to brave the frigid water while wading around for a while and taking video of the fish in the unbelievably clear water.

A picnic lunch was enjoyed whilst sitting in the warm sunshine and soaking in the peace and quiet. It was so quiet in fact, that at times there wasn’t a sound heard, which was truly amazing and an almost unattainable treat these days! Needless to say, we thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it. I saw numerous baby bass, and other small fish swimming below as I paddled along. I was thrilled to spot this amazing large Bryozoa Colony and managed to get this nice photo of it. Bryozoa are a phylum of aquatic invertebrate animals and feel soft and squishy and slightly slimy to the touch. Here’s a link to Bryozoa on Wikipedia if you’d like to learn more about these incredible creatures!

I’ve selected highlights from all of my underwater videos and created this beautifully relaxing, short video which I think you will really enjoy watching, as it grants a delightful escape from everything currently happening in our world. 

Wes and I both were thrilled to learn that we received awards in the MPSGS 2020 Exhibition!

My “Aquatic Ballerina” won Watermedia 2nd Place
Wes’ “Dust Storm” won Watermedia 1st Place

 See our touring exhibition Exquisite Miniatures now through November 4, 2020, at The Art Center, located in Quincy, IL. You can see several of the miniature paintings included in this exhibition on their website.

Do you want to enjoy your own special miniature painting?

Then contact us via the link below! You can also visit our website, subscribe to our YouTube channel, or follow us on Facebook via the links below.

Until next time ~ Rachelle



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