It Is Raining Leaves

fall in the smokies2

Fall is in the air . . . Well, actually light rain is currently in the air, but we did have several days this past week that felt like the beautiful clear fall days we’ve enjoyed years’ past in this area of the Smokies. It’s obviously not going to be one of those stunning autumns where the forest is cloaked in splendid bright fall hues of reds, oranges and yellows, as it’s just too wet this year. Most of the leaves are actually turning dark brown, to almost black whilst still on some of the trees. Nonetheless, I walked through our small outdoor abode and found a few picturesque spots to take photos for you of the onset of fall.

fall in the smokies

We still have a couple of Hearts-a-bustin’ in our yard, that our precious resident bunny has decided not to trim as much this year. While daily walking our path, I love seeing these bright red seed pods, which are shaped as hearts and then bust open, revealing the round red seeds inside this time of year, hence their interesting name.

fall in the smokies3

The past few rainy mornings have made for wonderful breakfasts on the back porch, as it keeps any noisy activities from happening around us, making it very nice and quiet! There’s always a flutter of activity on the porch when it rains as well, as it seems to induce great hunger in all my feathered friends. Whilst sitting at the table, abundant birds flit about my head, as they come to the two dishes nearby serving up tasty treats. And I absolutely love having the birds flying all around me! Of course there’s always a couple of squirrels joining us as well, making it even better! We’ve also had several warblers visit our yard recently, as well as a male rose-breasted grosbeak, who was simply gorgeous!

tufted titmouse photo

We decided to take advantage of one of the gorgeous days this past week with a kayak trip, and it was truly splendid, one of those storybook days! The azure sky was intensely brilliant causing the few trees dressed in orange to pop against it! Since we were alone throughout the day, the only sounds heard were of birdsong and the wind blowing through the trees, two of my favorite sounds indeed! It was so relaxing that had we taken our blood pressure upon returning home, it may have not even registered… Ha Ha!


While kayaking I enjoyed a lunch of champions, consisting of peanut butter on whole wheat ritz crackers! All throughout my childhood I can remember standing in the kitchen beside my grandpa, with him making me peanut butter and ritz crackers, handing them down one after another, until we both had full tummies from this most delicious afternoon snack! Needless to say, every time I eat them now, I think of my grandpa and that simple pleasure in life which we shared all those years.



~ Here’s What’s Happening In The Studio ~

I’m currently painting on a precious miniature portrait commission of two adorable siblings sharing a tender moment, and I am having great fun working on this beautiful miniature painting! I’m making a time-lapse video of the entire progress as well and will be sharing it with you once it’s completed.

miniature portrait commission


~ See Our Miniatures This Week ~

See our touring exhibition Exquisite Miniatures now through November 4, 2020, at The Art Center, located in Quincy, IL. You can see several of the miniature paintings included in this exhibition on their website.

Siegrist Exquisite Miniatures at The Art Center

We’re pleased to have two of our miniatures featured in the online virtual show Strokes of the Wild now through October 17th.

Screen Shot 2020-10-02 at 4.12.46 PM

Do you want to enjoy your own special miniature painting?

Then contact us via the link below! You can also visit our website, subscribe to our YouTube channel or follow us on Facebook via the links below.

until next time ~ Rachelle

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