Autumn Leaves and Sandy Beaches

fall leaves

The remaining leaves continue shifting hues to golds and reds throughout our area, with many having dropped to the ground already, turning the forest floor into a thick soft bed of leaves. I must admit I haven’t put up fall decorations like I normally do each year, and I suppose some of our resident spiders weren’t happy about it and thought they’d help out a little  with grand decorations of their own, and I thought their web most impressive and a true work of art indeed!

spider webs

Along with fall leaves, the symphonic serenade of loud leaf blowers and traffic noise pouring through our small town continues as well, causing Wes and I to continually seek out quiet spots whenever possible during the week, which is becoming more and more difficult. I’ve been taking videos with my GoPro from which I plan to make an autumn video for you, and it’s nigh impossible in our area anymore, to video without interruptions of man-made noise.

rachelle siegrist

That being said, occasionally we find a spot that is completely quiet, at least for a few minutes and let me tell you, we soak in every single glorious second of it when we find such a gem! Whilst kayaking one day this past week, we found such a spot being a sandy beach where we had lunch. With abundant warm sunshine, I sat with bare feet buried in the warm, soft sand, while enjoying the beautiful view and sounds of crickets, birdsong and the wind blowing through the trees, wishing I could stay there all day! 


Enjoy the serenity in the short video above.

~ What’s Happening In Our Studio ~

I’m painting the final brushstrokes on this precious miniature portrait commission of two adorable siblings sharing a tender moment, and having great fun working on it! I’m making a time-lapse video of the entire progress as well and will be sharing it with you once it’s completed.

portrait miniature painting by Rachelle Siegrist

Wes finished his painting of a beautiful Carolina Wren this past week. 

carolina wren painting by Wes Siegrist


~ See Our Miniatures This Week ~

See our touring exhibition Exquisite Miniatures now through November 4, 2020, at The Art Center, located in Quincy, IL. You can see several of the miniature paintings included in this exhibition on their website.


Do you want to enjoy your own special miniature painting?

Then contact us via the link below! You can also visit our website, subscribe to our YouTube channel or follow us on Facebook via the links below.

Until next time ~ Rachelle

2 thoughts on “Autumn Leaves and Sandy Beaches

  1. nvehrs

    Hi Rachelle, It’s just as well that you’re not using fake spiderwebs as part of your autumn display. See Why Those Fake Spider Webs Are a Bad Idea

    | | | | | |


    | | | | Why Those Fake Spider Webs Are a Bad Idea

    Fake spider webs are a Halloween nightmare for birds and small animals, say wildlife rehabilitators. |



    Nancy Vehrs

    1. Thank you Nancy for the info. I totally agree and would never use them outside or inside, as I don’t buy that type of stuff. I just thought it was neat that the spiders built such an elaborate web on the bush adjacent to our front porch, especially being October. 😁
      Cheers 😊

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