Children’s Portrait Painting

Childs portrait painting by Rachelle Siegrist

“Emily and Ryan”

In stressful times like these, we need the arts in our lives now more than ever” exclaims the host on the classical station I stream online. She goes on stating how it brings a sense of peace and calm to our daily life. And I couldn’t agree more, be it a favorite concerto, painting or another work of art! Upon seeing the final image emailed for approval of her grandchildren’s portrait, our dear collector friend exclaimed how it brought tears to her eyes, as the many memories flooded her mind. 

Isn’t it like art to remind us of fond memories associated with loved ones, pets and favorite places. Perhaps it’s even a painting of a landscape or place that we’ve never been to, but have always longed to visit. Art magically allows us to visit such places in our imagination. Some paintings, like a recent commission I did of a masterpiece entitled Saudade” after Junior, lets us imagine, “What is she thinking and what does that letter say that she clutches tightly in her hand, as a tear slips down her cheek?” And portraits of our beloved pets, whether they are still part of our families or have since passed, are sure to bring smiles and delightful memories each time their miniature is looked at.

Art has always played a part in my life, and I remember paintings that I admired throughout my childhood. Above my Granny’s piano hung a beautiful painting and I loved imagining what the lady was playing on her violin as she descended the curving, grand staircase, coming to join the lady seated at the grand piano in the living room below. “Where they sisters perhaps and did they always dress in such finery?” A painting of a desert at sunset hung over my other Granny’s sofa, where I slept most of the time when we visited her, and I loved pretending that I was out in that desert watching the setting sun bathe the evening sky in shades of orange and red, hearing coyotes howling in the distance. Then I imagined sleeping out underneath the vast star filled night sky. Another favorite painting hung in my childhood home, depicting an older blacksmith hammering on a metal object outside a large barn. A young boy stood there watching him in a small pastoral clearing, that was surrounded by woods with a long narrow road leading off into the distance. So I urge you to take time to enjoy a peaceful escape, while peering at a beloved painting or listening to a favorite concerto, afterwards you’ll be glad you did!

Enjoy this short time-lapse video below in which you can watch me paint the miniature portrait of “Emily and Ryan” from start to finish.


Do you want to enjoy your own special miniature painting?

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Until next time ~ Rachelle

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