There’s A Lizard On My Face

rachelle siegrist kayaking

We’ve enjoyed some beautiful weather this past week in between visits from tropical systems moving over us, so we jumped at the chance to get outdoors a couple of times, and went kayaking. There is still some nice fall color left as you can see in the photos, which look even prettier paired against a brilliant clear blue sky! Whilst driving to the lake one morning, we were delighted to see and watch a dozen or more turkeys slowly cross the road.

turkies in autumn

Once on the other side, they slowly meandered up the hillside, stopping to scratch and search for something interesting to eat or investigate, all the while softly clucking to one another. I absolutely love turkeys, and one of my all time favorite books is Joe Hutto’s “Illumination In The Flatwoods”, in which he shares with readers the vast knowledge he learned about the turkey’s amazing behavior and how brilliant they are, while raising them. He makes you feel as if you were right there with them, taking daily walks and enjoying the company of these most impressive birds, and I must say I nearly cried when the book ended! 

turkies in fall

If you’ve spent any time at all with Wes and me, you know that we love the natural world and all of it’s critter inhabitants, so much of my reading material has to do with nature. A short book I just finished titled “Wisdom of Wolves” by Twyman Towery was a most enlightening read, sharing the vast wisdom gained from observing wolves and their social behavior. Upon reading Morris Udall’s quote in the book, “The more we exploit nature, the more our options are reduced until we have only one: to fight for survival.” I couldn’t help but think of what has happened negatively in our environment recently and the terrible changes that have been made during the past couple of years here in the U.S. Perhaps this quote should hang in every home and office across the country. But I digress and as Yoda would say “Stay off my soapbox I will”. 

kayaking with rachelle siegrist

I thought this was a cute photo with the insect bombing it!

Back to the lake we go, where in rare locations, the sounds of wind blowing through remaining leaves on the trees, songbird and the soothing chirping of crickets are the only sounds heard, and it is priceless to me! We enjoyed a boat picnic whilst slowly listing back and forth, lulled to a state of complete relaxation in the warmth of the sun. Lots of big acorns, sweet gum balls and assorted nuts fell into the water throughout the day, making loud splashes and leaving us thankful each time it didn’t land on our heads! Well one particular time we heard a splash, the nut started “swimming” and we immediately knew it was a critter. We paddled over to it, and Wes reaching it first, announced “It’s a Green Anole!” So he carefully grabbed it, retrieving it from the frigid water. It immediately jumped into the kayak, and within a minute or so had crawled its way up onto Wes’ face, to a nice sunny spot! I laughed at his new little friend, and with its tiny needle sharp toenails digging into his cheek, it took all Wes could do to leave it there, especially when he crawled up a wee bit further and his tail was dipping down into his ear, which he said felt like a string tickling inside it! I laughed and laughed and being a lover of Anoles, was delighted that it had been saved! Wes paddled over to the shore where he carefully set his little friend down in a nice sunny location on the leaves. 

wes siegrist

Here’s a short video of Wes with his adorable and grateful little hitchhiker friend for you to enjoy!



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Until next time ~ Rachelle

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