White Christmas in the Smokies


Wow . . . it’s been a beautiful Christmas here in the Smokies! What started out as rain, turned into to sleet, and then into snowfall, turning our area into a magical winter wonderland! The snow started falling Christmas evening, and kept coming down, so Wes and I took a short stroll out in it to see the Christmas lights illuminating the snow throughout the neighborhood. It was gorgeous to say the least and I think this view at the top of our drive, shown below, was the most magical site of all!  

snow in smoky mountains7

The world appeared as if it had been heavily dusted with powdered sugar, and the sunrise Christmas morning was indeed spectacular! We believe this was the heaviest wet snow we’ve had since living here for 19 years, and it clung to everything, causing numerous tree limbs and shrubs to kiss the frigid ground. I admit I went out and “liberated” my Camellia and a few of my biggest azaleas, and I could almost hear them breathe a sigh of relief to be freed from their heavy burden of snow.

snow in smoky mountains6

We kept an ample buffet spread for the birds and squirrels and the back deck became an ever increasing busy diner for a host of very hungry critters!

snow in smoky mountains4

It was amazing to walk about, with each turn gifting another incredible view in the fluffy marshmallow world!


We spent Christmas afternoon sledding on a nearby open hillside, and once we got the sledding path pressed down after the first few runs downhill, it was thrilling! We went flying down again and again until we hardly had the strength to keep walking back up the steep incline. We returned home and took a short walk through the woods.

snow in smoky mountains3

Until a short while ago, we were without internet for a few days, so we had plenty of time for more sledding yesterday. Suited up and sleds in tow, we headed back over to our sledding spot for another couple hours of thrilling rides. It was even better that time, as the worn path had iced over some during the night.  

titmouse in snow in smoky mountains

From there, we took a short walk through the magical white woods, leading to the pond which was partially frozen over and looked quite stately surrounded by the large clumps of snow. Of course I had to sled down the hill leading to the pond a few times, which has the extra added thrill factor of keeping oneself from going into the icy pond!

cardinal in snow in smoky mountains

I took several videos of our sledding adventures and walks through our winter wonderland and am making a video for you, that I know you will greatly enjoy from the warmth of your home. I should have it done and uploaded by next week for you.

snow in smoky mountains5

The sunsets were gorgeous the past few evenings, seen through the white outlined woods, the sun illuminating and painting distant mountains and evening skies in pinks and oranges! I hope you had a very Merry Christmas and that you enjoyed walking through our marshmallow world with me!

snow in smoky mountains9

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Until next time ~ Rachelle

6 thoughts on “White Christmas in the Smokies

  1. Denise Horne-Kaplan

    Thanks for the wonderful pictures and stories. I loved every word and photo. Can’t wait for the video of you both sledding.❤️❤️

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