Powdered Sugar on the Mountains

smoky mountains

Wes and I enjoyed a delightful walk in the sunshine this past week! It’s been rare to get a full day of sun here this time of year and even more so, whilst there’s still snow on the ground, and we decided that’s an opportunity best taken advantage of! It was simply beautiful seeing the surrounding mountains appearing as if God had sifted powdered sugar across the top of them. I love walking in snow and hearing the “squeak . . . squeak” underfoot while plodding along, thus this hike was a real treat for me.

rachelle siegrist hiking in snow

We saw several white-tailed deer and turkey, who all seemed to be taking advantage of the gift of warmth from the sun, just as we were. The deer in particular appeared to be munching on the fresh wee green sprouts of grass scattered across the vast fields.

deer in the snow wes siegrist

A clear stream lined by snow covered banks is a thing of beauty to me, and I had to stop every few steps to admire it and take another video!

snow photo rachelle siegrist

There were a variety of birds everywhere, filling trees, brambles and berry bushes, and this tree shown below, looked as if it were filled with stunningly bright, red ornaments! They appeared to be gorging on seed heads amongst the low growing bushes and at times let us get rather near to them. How peaceful it was just watching all of these winged beauties flitting about!

cardinals wes siegrist

Don’t you love the intense blue coloration of shadows in the snow? It matched the sky on this particular day, creating truly picturesque scenes as we hiked along the winding path. Observing the variety of tracks in the snow proved most interesting indeed, as we saw bobcat, coyote, mouse, bird and lots of deer! It was a glorious day and now must hold me until our next outdoor adventure, whenever that may be!

wes siegrist hiking in snow

~ Ridiculous Remedies ~

Here’s your remedies for the week, and remember I in NO way am suggesting you try any of these, I’m only hoping to bring you a chukle.

You’d best watch out Clinique and Estee Lauder, for I just found a secret remedy from over 100 years ago to remove wrinkles! Okay, so I’m not sure what type of lily bulbs to use, and suspect if the wrong ones are used, who knows what could happen, but I’m betting this homemade concoction would be much cheaper than the purchased products HaHa!


Wow . . . really? I think I’d rather cover ALL of my parts, how about you? Perhaps the odor disappears after a few minutes because the vapors burn up the inside of your nostrils HaHa! And heaven forbid one of those rubbed down children whose skin is now saturated with kerosine, get too close to a fire . . . YIKES!!!


Boy am I ever thankful to finally learn how to help my sick rooms, as I’m so tired of them feeling bad . . . HAHA!


Goodness, I wonder what constituted a “poor book”, and how many were burned to destroy their poison!


~ Fresh Off the Easel ~

I finished my fun painting of the happy zebra yesterday, and I love the title that Wes came up for it, “Up Close and Too Personal” It makes me laugh as much as looking at the painting! This miniature is now available for acquisition and you can visit our website or contact us for more information on this hilarious piece. Next week I’ll be sharing the video of the complete painting progress with you.

miniature zebra painting by Rachelle Siegrist

“Up Close and Too Personal”

To see more of our available miniature paintings, visit our website, artofwildlife.com

Would you like to commission us? If so, contact us by Email

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Until Next Time ~ Rachelle

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