Valentine’s Day at SEWE Through the Years

rahelle & wes siegrist at SEWE 2018One of my favorite pics from SEWE was taken in 2018

Happy Valentines Day . . . I must admit it seems terribly weird not celebrating it in Charleston, SC during the Southeastern Wildlife Expo, especially since that’s where we’ve been on Valentines Day for the past 20 years now! But life has become weird in and of itself hasn’t it? For the. most part, nothing seems the same, so we just keep plugging along one day at a time, whilst hoping for some sense of normalcy, whatever that may be now, to return to our everyday lives. 


We still lived in Okeechobee, FL, where I grew up, when we attended SEWE in Charleston for the very first time, and what an amazing experience it was indeed! We sold more paintings that year then we ever had before, so needless to say, we were flying high by the end of the show!

sewe rachelle & wes siegrist 2008      2008

Every year seemed as exciting as the past and of course getting to dress up for the formal opening was always a treat for us! So was the food, I had never seen so many scrumptiously delicious little desserts to tempt me, and of course I gave in many times over . . . HaHa! 

rachelle & wes siegrist miniatures at SEWE 09 0102009

rachelle & wes siegrist miniatures at SEWE 2012 2012

I absolutely love the grand staircase in the Charleston Place Hotel, so many years I tried to remember to ask someone to take a photo of Wes and I standing on it.

rachelle & wes siegrist miniatures at SEWE 2015 2015

rachelle & wes siegrist miniatures at SEWE 2016 2016

rachelle & wes siegrist miniatures at SEWE 2019 2019

Last year was an exciting year at SEWE for us, having been featured during “A Big Night For Small Works” and asked to demonstrate our miniature painting techniques throughout the evening! People were delighted to watch us paint and ask questions about miniatures, many of them seeing them for the first time. 

rachelle & wes siegrist SEWE 2020Wes and I demonstrating during “A Big Night For Small Works”

Well, I hope that you enjoyed this time travel through the years at SEWE, as much as I did! We were sure miss spending time with our dear artist and collector friends! I also hope you enjoy a very happy Valentine’s Day and remember to eat some dark chocolate to celebrate! 

“Ridiculous Remedies” will return next week, so get ready to laugh some more!

~ Fresh Off the Easel ~

Wes finished his painting of a beautiful of an Oriole this past week. I enjoyed seeing the beautiful bright green leaves and illumination from the sunlight in the painting and it brightened up our studio! This painting is now available for your collection.

bird painting by wes siegristWes’ painting “Natural Gold”

I was delighted and honored to be commissioned once again by the Woolaroc Museum &Wildlife Preserve, to paint the newly elected U.S. president, Joe Biden, for their collection of Presidential Portrait Miniatures. I started painting on the portrait miniature this past week and thought you’d enjoy seeing this short video of some of my latest progress! I’ll be sharing more progress with you next week.

To see our available miniature paintings, visit our website,

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Until Next Time ~ Rachelle

Until Next Time ~ Rachelle

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