Flowers and Eggs Everywhere

wes & rachelle siegrist hiking

WOW . . . the sun has shone several days this past week and is shining again today! Honestly it seems like nothing short of a miracle, after the dreary, gray past couple of months. I am totally loving it and spend a little sitting outside in it each day, whilst getting a delightfully healthy dose of vitamin D! Perhaps you too have enjoyed a few days of sun this past week after weeks of it being absent, and you know exactly how I’m feeling. We spent one of our beautiful sunny afternoons this past week, exploring the the nearby Smoky Mountains National Park, and I was delighted to hear the Spring Peepers still singing away and to see even more frog eggs! This photo below is actually a solid mass of eggs with tadpoles swimming about, located in one of the wetland areas.

frog eggs

Needless to say, I had a ball with my GoPro camera, whilst taking videos and photos below the water’s surface! So if you’ve ever wondered what a “tadpole’s eye view” looks like . . . well here you are.

underwater photo of tadpole2

tadpole photo underwater2

Honestly, I believe I could’ve stayed at the swamp for hours and hours, just watching and filming the vast amounts of tadpoles swimming about, it was truly amazing! Here’s a video of the tadpoles for you to enjoy.

Frog eggs weren’t the only ones we saw, as upon hiking to another area that gets really wet at times, we saw that the water had drained away, revealing gobs and gobs of salamander eggs scattered about! Having never seen them before, we felt truly blessed to see a glimpse of this amazing amphibian nursery! The oval-shaped black eggs were enclosed in a gelatinous substance, which I’m guessing keeps them from drying out, while discouraging things from eating them as well.

salamander eggs

With the recent sunshine, the flowers in our yard seem as thrilled as I am to finally have it back, and several things are blooming profusely this week! So here are a few photos of them for you to enjoy, especially if you don’t have any flowers blooming just yet.

lenton rose

Lenton Rose

daffodil blossoms


camellia photo

Camellia, one of my personal favorites!

 Ridiculous Remedies 

Okay, so here’s a great one for you, and I know you’re gonna be so thankful for the money this will save you on buying specialized face soaps! First you just have to figure out how much a “drachm” is and what benzoin gum is. However, whatever you have to go through to find the listed ingredients and make this stuff, believe me you’ll want to do it, because I know you’ll want to get rid of all the flesh worms on your face! I mean . . . YIKES . . . can you imagine? Or perhaps like me, you don’t want to! One thing’s for sure, with either concoction, you should have a happy face from the whiskey or sherry . . . Ha Ha! And as always, remember that I am not suggesting you make and use this!

everyday cook book

I’ve completed my Presidential Portrait Miniature commission this past week and have it framed and will be shipping it to the museum this week. I’m currently finishing up my time-lapse video of the painting process on it and will share both the video and the final painting with you next week.

 See our miniatures in person this week 

EM at Norfolk Arts Center 3

 Exquisite Miniatures at the Norfolk Arts Center, in Norfolk, NE

To see our available miniature paintings, visit our website,

Would you like to commission us? If so, contact us by Email

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Until Next Time ~ Rachelle

2 thoughts on “Flowers and Eggs Everywhere

  1. Marilynne Wasielewski

    Love your posts and all you share with us. Enjoy the sunshine and all the joys of Spring. Thanks for the recipe, LOL!

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