The Presidential Portrait Miniature and Kayaking


 Wes and I enjoyed spending some time in the great outdoors this past week, while taking advantage of a couple days of nice weather! We decided to spend our time on the water whilst kayaking and fishing, and the first afternoon found us under brilliant clear blue skies. The Tree Swallows and Canada Geese are obviously starting their nesting season, and I love sitting in the kayak and watching the swallows zip back and forth across the sky above, between sitting on bare tree limbs towering above. While watching the acrobat show in the sky, I was serenaded by the calls of the geese settling disputes over who’s territory is whose. A couple of times they flew nearby which was lovely to watch, and I managed to capture this video below for you to enjoy!

Since our lakes are actually rivers controlled by dams, we never know exactly what we’re gonna find in certain areas, or how high or low the water will be. While at times it can be frustrating, I guess it always lends an element of surprise to our adventure! Since the water was very low that afternoon, while Wes fished nearby, I pulled my kayak up onto one of the sandy beaches, and walked in the sand for awhile. It was almost warm feeling in certain spots and felt so amazing to my sand starved tootsies! As I walked along, I started noticing footprints and upon closer inspection realized they were from the geese. When I came upon this perfectly formed “X” made by the geese, I realized they obviously know where the treasure is buried! Next time I’ll be taking my shovel along… Ha ha!

canada goose footprints

The water is very clear presently and appears a brilliant blue color! I loved how the shore along this island looks as if it had actually been carefully raked, to make it have the uniform lines in it.

wes siegrist at the lake

We saw where the beavers are obviously enjoying this “buffet of bark” off of a huge tree that recently fell down in one of our wind storms!

tree photo

I simply can’t resist taking photos and videos in the clear water with my GoPro camera, and captured this cool looking photo this past week. So in case you’ve ever wondered what it looks like at the base of a cascade, well here you go!

underwater photo by rachelle siegrist

– Ridiculous Remedies – 

Here’s this week’s ridiculous remedy from the old 1892 cookbook, in case you have gilt frames in your house that you want to make shiny and bright! Okay, so I’m not sure where one would’ve gotten “flour of sulphur” from, or how well this worked, but it certainly should keep your home free of vampires if you used that much garlic . . . Ha Ha!!

everyday cook book

– In The Studio –

My Presidential portrait miniature commission of President Joe Biden, arrived at the Woolaroc Museum this past week, where it will be placed in the Museum’s historic Presidential Portrait Miniature Collection! This is the 3rd Presidential portrait I’ve painted for the collection, and Wes has painted one other for it. Even though there are many challenges in painting a portrait this small, one of the most stressful parts, is cutting the painting out of the paper, to make it fit inside the gold oval frame! As you can imagine, I made one wee careful cut at a time, until after what seemed like a hundred precision cuts later, it finally was the correct shape and size!

miniature portrait by rachelle siegrist

And voila’ . . . Here it is!

Portrait miniature president joe biden by Rachelle siegrist

President Joe Biden

I also finished my time-lapse video of the painting process and have embedded it here for you to enjoy! Even though I painted it, it’s still fun for me to watch it come to life in this video!

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Until Next Time ~ Rachelle

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