Sun, Sand and Waterscapes


Even though it’s been raining here almost constantly for the past 48 hours, we enjoyed a couple days of sunshine and milder temps this past week! So as you can imagine, we jumped at the chance to get outdoors and take advantage of the nicer weather! We loaded up the kayaks, taking along a sandwich, and headed to the water. We were amazed at how calm it was and that the water was nice and slick, and as soon as we stepped foot into the kayaks, the wind started! At least by the time we reached the sandy beach where we had our picnic, we had worked up a good appetite! After lunch, Wes fished for quite sometime, while I enjoyed just sitting back on the sand. It almost felt as if I was at the beach! With legs outstretched, I leaned back, propping myself up on my elbows, and closed my eyes. 

sand photo

Sometimes it’s nice to just listen, while figuring out what the different sounds are that I’m hearing. I heard the Canada geese fussing at Wes each time he changed locations, the cries of Ospreys as they soared above, the call of Carolina wrens in the distance, and the happy chatter of swallows as they darted about nearby. I was so relaxed in my sandy seat, that it was hard to leave. It was lovely and most relaxing, although I was brought back to reality often with the screaming roar of muscle cars and motorcycles racing up and down the nearby road. Sadly, it’s very difficult to find somewhere where you can escape them here in the Smokies anymore. But during the moments when it’s quiet, it’s delightful! 

wes siegrist

I’ve had more fun taking underwater videos and photos, and this week chose to take a few slo-mo videos. It is interesting to watch them, and you can easily see that patterns in water are never exactly the same! It’s that amazing when you think about it? When you watch the changing ripples and patterns in water, you’re seeing things that only you’ll see, and from split-second to split-second, they will never ever be the same again! It’s really incredible when you think about it!

underwater photo rachelle siegrist

I thought these two photos interesting, especially the one above, which looks like a water tornado!

underwater photo by rachelle siegrist

Here’s a slo-mo video for you which shows the ever changing patterns in the water, which I think you’ll find as fascinating I did.

We were thrilled to find the first Morel Mushroom of the season and are hoping to find more soon! These incredible looking mushrooms, are not only amazing to look at, but are absolutely delicious as well!

morel mushroom photo

Okay, so here’s this weeks excerpt from the 1892 cookbook, and although some of the things that may frighten us are different in current times, I must say it’s a good one and needs no explanation.

everyday cookbook

In The Studio

I’m making more progress on my commission of two Purple Martins. Once I’m done painting the birds, I’ll be adding a gold background, which will really change the appearance, and is always an exciting part of a painting! I’ll be finishing it this week, and will share it with you once it’s done.

miniature bird painting


In case you missed the announcement of my latest time-lapse painting video, here’s the link to our YouTube Chanel for you to check it out and any others you may have missed! 

 See our miniatures in person this week 

 Exquisite Miniatures at the Norfolk Arts Center, in Norfolk, NE

To see our available miniature paintings, visit our website,

Would you like to commission us? If so, contact us by Email

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Until Next Time ~ Rachelle

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