Bouncing Baby Squirrels

baby squirrel photo

The first peak outside, “WOW . . .it’s a long way down!”

We’re excited to have new little ones around! You know, the kind with four legs and covered with fur, sporting a long bushy tail? That’s right, we have two adorable baby squirrels, who decided to start checking out the big outside world this past week, and we have had so much fun watching them explore everything for the first time! 

baby squirrel photo4

“If you’d just get out of my way, it sure would be easier to get out!”

Of course, one was much more adventurous at first, and was brave enough to venture completely out of the safety of the box, but it took it quite a while to muster up the courage to do so!

baby squirrel photo2

“I don’t know if I’m quite sure about this”

They would peer down at the ground when looking out of the box, as if thinking . . . “Boy, that’s sure a long ways to the bottom!” Finally one got brave enough and came completely out of the box! He did a wee bit of exploring right around the box, while the sibling watched his every move, nervously from inside. All was fun and games until he climbed up onto the wet slippery roof, and then down he went! Of course I was sitting out on the porch at the time watching them, and I gasped out loud when I saw it happen! 

baby squirrel photo3

“Oh No . . . now what do I do?”

I stood there watching intensely for a few moments and was about to head down to check on it, when I saw it emerge from the leaf litter, shake it off, and immediately start climbing back up toward the box. Half way up the tree, it just froze and started crying, and I felt so sorry for it. Then suddenly it regained courage and continued climbing up the tree, only it went up the wrong part, and after going back down and finding the other trunk, it climbed up the rest of the way, and carefully climbed back into the safe box!

baby squirrel photo5

See, I was okay, you didn’t need to worry

Since the box is only about 15 feet from our dining room window, we have certainly been well entertained at meal times! Today, they’re both out and about exploring their big wooden jungle gym for squirrels, and one even climbed all the way to the very top of the tree! Of course it wasn’t there very long at all, before heading back down to the familiar area near the box. 

baby squirrel photo8

It’s been truly delightful being able to watch these two adorable babies interacting and playing with each other, whilst building up their strength and increasing their dexterity. Now just a few days later, they tend to walk along the narrow, bouncing limbs of the vine with the dexterity and confidence of a tight rope walker, much more graceful and sure-footed than in the beginning.

baby squirrel photo9

“I’m going down to the ground, but I’ll be back, so don’t be scared”

baby squirrel photo6

“Oh . . . I sure wish he’d come back up here!”

The one baby went down to the ground and was gone quite a while before going back up into the tree, where he joined his sibling. Then just a short while later, they both ventured down the tree and out to explore the big world. 

baby squirrel photo10

“See, I came back for you”

I don’t know if they’ll be back to the box for a nap or to spend the night, but I’ll sure watching for them! I got several adorable videos of them, so I’ll be making a short video and will share it with you next week. 

Celebrating Easter . . . for He is risen!!

In The Studio

I finished my painting commission of two Purple Martins this past week and got the time-lapse video made and uploaded to YouTube, and here it is for you to enjoy! 

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Until Next Time ~ Rachelle

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