Color, Fish and Shapeshifting

pink azaleas

Color has finally filled our yard, and it’s a beautiful sight indeed! Most of the leaves on shorter trees and lower branches have now been covered with bright spring green leaves. Of course most of the leaves atop the taller trees are still brown and dead, looking like Autumn above. We had unbelievable winds one day this past week, which blew down a lot of the freeze-dried leaves, covering our porches and yard with so many leaves in fact, that it looked like fall already! Thankfully several of our beloved azaleas weren’t blooming yet during the last freeze, so they’re now covered with color . . . pinks, lavenders, and coral colored blossoms!


One of our columbines has more beautiful, pink bell-shaped flowers on it, than ever before, and the bees and hummingbirds couldn’t be more delighted about it! It’s always “abuzz” with activity every time we walk beside it.

pink columbince flowers

The Clematis is now covered with BIG bold flowers, and is looking quite spectacular to say the least!

clematis flower

Thankfully, the weather cooperated and we were able to go kayaking one day this past week! It was right before the last cold front came through, so it was a great time to do some fishing. It was a gorgeous day as well, and the wisteria and dogwoods were covered in white blossoms, appearing like snow tipped branches dotting the hillsides. At first that morning, we were only getting a bite or a tug here or there, before taking a break for a kayak picnic, which is always nice! 

wild wisteria blossoms

After lunch we fished some more, and had much better luck that time! Wes caught one right after another, and I even caught a couple, but lost the big ones. Wes got so tickled at me at one point, as he said I was leaning over at a 45 degree angle, with my rod tip bent clean down to the water, when I told him that I must be snagged on a submerged stump or something along the bottom. Then all of a sudden the “stump” started pulling out my line at a high rate of speed, and after trying to reel it in, it came off. “Yay for the fish” I said, and besides I didn’t want to show Wes up and make him feel like an inferior fisher-person . . . Haha!

wes siegrist fishing

Isn’t there something mesmerizing and calming about sitting by a fire at night? I love it, and can happily sit there for a long time just watching the fire, whilst listening to it crackle and pop! I enjoy watching the flames shape-shift, seeing different things like in this photo below. I see a Trumpeter Swan taking off in flight, with its head raised to the sky and left wing rising, in the back right flame. The front lower left flame, looks like a standing snake with a mohawk, HaHa! . . . So, what do you see?

campfire photo

I’m still working on the next YouTube video for you to enjoy and hope to get it done this week. Before I finished it, I decided to learn how to make an end screen for our videos, to help make it easier for you and other viewers, to be able to navigate to and find more of our videos to enjoy. I’m also updating our YouTube home page to bring it up-to-date, and all I can say with trying to learn how to do all this stuff, is thank goodness for YouTube how-to videos!

This Week’s Tip From the 1892 Cook Book

Okay, so here’s part II of Dr. Hall’s “Rules to eating” from the late 1800’s. It’s quite obvious that they worked harder physically back then than most of us do today, as this seemed a big problem for them at meal times, as well as trying to fix all their ailments with liquor… HaHa! I personally can’t imagine one cracker doing the trick for me when I’m hungry, how about you? However, Wes and I do drink a lot of tea and believe in the health benefits of it, so I love the way he describes how beneficial it is for the body! I don’t know about you, but I’d try to get done with my hard labor in plenty of time, to be able to eat supper at least 2 hours before sundown!


See our miniatures in person this week

Rhino painting Basking Behemoths by Rachelle Siegrist

Basking Behemoths” Currently available through Masterpieces in Miniature

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 May 2021: Picture This Gallery, Alberta, Canada

Boykin Spaniel painting by Rachelle Siegrist

Portrait of a Boykin Spaniel” Currently available through Seaside Art Gallery

Now open! See the show online now here: 30th International Miniature Art Show
May 1-31, 2021: Seaside Art Gallery, Nags Head, NC (We are the judges for the show this year!)

Hummingbird painting A Wee Shower by Wes Siegrist

“A Wee Shower” Currently available through The Snow Goose Gallery

Now open! See the show online here: The Art of the Miniature XXIX
May 2 – June 13, 2021: The Snow Goose Gallery, Bethlehem, PA

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Until Next Time ~ Rachelle

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