Most Adorable Baby Squirrels Ever

bunny photo by rachelle siegrist

I have so enjoyed my breakfasts in the garden every morning this past week! I’m always joined by numerous feathered and furry friends, who bring so much entertainment with their hilarious antics! My bunny is so tame, that she comes right up when she sees me walk into the garden, and patiently waits for me to put out the seeds that she absolutely loves. Within minutes there are several squirrels and at least two or more chipmunks running around eating. Chippy the chipmunk has come so close to jumping up into my lap, and I expect it will happen any morning!

chipmunk photo rachelle siegrist

At one point I had several squirrels by my feet, and the hummingbird came up right beside me to drink from one of the beautiful purple Hosta blossoms next to my head, and of course I was in heaven! I know, it’s truly a case of “conditional love” but that’s okay, I’m more than happy to continue passing out the treats to keep all my critter friends hanging around!

We eat our other meals on our screen porch which looks out over “secret garden” where we feed our critter friends, and during supper last evening, the bunny walked up and started eating off of the little blue picnic table. And if that wasn’t cute enough, she then put her front paws up on the table, while continuing to eat, and it was totally adorable! I’m so sorry that I didn’t have the camera with me, and didn’t get a photo for you. Maybe I’ll be able to this next week! 

adorable animal photo

Okay . . . get ready to “Ooo” and “Aww” while watching this precious video of my two adorable baby squirrels, which I promised to make for you a couple of months ago. So here it is as promised… Enjoy!

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Until Next Time ~ Rachelle

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