A Week Of Surprises

atumn leaves photo3

AS promised, here’s a photo of “the tree” as Wes and I call it . . . and isn’t it just beautiful! I arrange my dining room chair just so I can see “the tree” out the sliding glass doors, while eating meals. Although a few of its leaves are starting to dry and curl, It’s still unbelievably gorgeous and its bright neon foliage will be greatly missed once it has fallen to the ground below!

atumn leaves photo2

While admiring and photographing “the tree” one day this past week, I happened to notice a weird looking dark area on its trunk, and upon closer inspection, I saw that there was actually a very cool looking moth on it, and thought it a great little surprise! Nature’s camouflage is always simply amazing!

Okay, please graciously bear with me, as I share more photos of autumn color with you. I just can’t help myself, as I’m totally smitten with numerous the shades of red, salmon, and orange we have here, and I can’t resist taking photos of them all! The view below is near the top of the driveway looking down towards the cabin.

atumn leaves photo6

This has to be one of the most interestingly amazing trees in the yard right now, and of course I’ve told it several times how totally gorgeous it is and had to hug it for bringing so much color and joy to my daily walks through the trails!

atumn leaves photo

These two beauties are to the left of the driveway out by the road. There is so many shades of red and oranges in the woods, that in the late afternoons, the surrounding landscape has an orange glow to it, and is simply beautiful!

atumn leaves photo5

Okay, this is the last one I promise . . . at least this week Ha Ha! 

atumn leaves photo4

The highlight of our week was a visit from our dear friends Kit and his mom, Helen! Nearly every time we had spaghetti whilst living in Townsend, Kit would join us for supper, so it seemed only fitting to make spaghetti for them for lunch this past week. What a delightful time we had, eating, talking, and laughing, while sitting around our newly acquired dining table and chairs, which I was thrilled to find at a Habitat For Humanity thrift store! After dessert, we took an enjoyable leisurely stroll around the trails winding through the woods, and spent the remaining time sitting on the back porch, enjoying the warmth of the sunshine.

rachelle aand wes siegrist

I was over the moon with excitement and delight when they walked in the front door with this absolutely gorgeous bouquet of fresh flowers! They have been gracing the center of our dining room table ever since their visit and I can’t tell you how many times I’ve bent over and smelled each one of them, exclaiming each time “Ahhhhhhhh!” They indeed made my month with that wonderful surprise!

flower photography

Most of the past week has been spent working, while raking leaves, painting the cabin with the log oil, and cutting up several dead trees we had taken down. I even split wood for the first time in a long while, and although it took a few tries, I eventually got back in “the swing” of things. 

It’s very quiet and peaceful here much of the time, save for a few dogs barking occasionally or cars driving down the road every now and then. That being said, yesterday morning I was jolted from a deep sleep by the ear-splitting sound of a gun blast! Even though it was just behind the edge of our back property line, it sounded as if it were right outside the bedroom window, and it scared me so bad, that I jumped straight up into the air and levitated there for a few seconds. Rousing my mind from my previous peaceful sleep, I lay there trembling all over while trying to figure out what it was, and finally realized. Thankfully this morning we “dodged the bullet” . . . yes, pun intended 🙂 and there were no shots fired. I’m guessing this could be the Saturday morning entertainment for the adjacent property owners, and think I’ll have to start going to bed on Friday nights wearing shooters mitts . . . Ha!

rachelle siegrist

Okay, so I know it’s not a thing of real beauty, but it was free! This little old metal shed shown below, was back at the bottom of the property and at one point had been damaged by a falling tree. So Wes completely disassembled it, drug it piece by piece up close to the house, and then we spent a day reassembling it. This meant trying to figure how it went back together, attempting to straighten out the bent parts, and of course driving in lots of short screws by hand. Nonetheless, somehow we managed to do it successfully and here it is in all of its rustic charm, where it now holds lots of firewood for future fire pits and use in the pizza oven we plan to build. I rather think it looks like Snoopy’s dog house and I want us to make a cutout from wood, of the Flying Ace to place at the pinnacle . . . So what do you think about that idea? 

siegrist wood shed

Since we have way more wood than we can use, as don’t have a wood stove inside, with the help of our neighbor, we found a nice gentleman who can happily use the extra firewood. So he’s been coming and getting a big part of the wood, making him a happy camper and us happy, as the front yard is looking less and less like a log farm 🙂

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Until Next Time ~ Rachelle

3 thoughts on “A Week Of Surprises

  1. Denise Horne-Kaplan

    Love the moth and foliage pics. the Snoopy dog house is cute and a few low evergreen shrubs on the sides would help wink wink.

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