The Big Snow Globe

nature photography snow6

Wow . . . the weather here has been all over the place the past couple of weeks! Only a little over a week ago, it was sunny and almost 70 degrees outside! Then it was time for things to change, and it felt like we were living in a snow globe that had just been furiously shaken, as the snow started falling, turning the world white. It was beautiful and I couldn’t wait to suit up in multiple layers and head out for a peaceful walk in the woods! Since the ground wasn’t frozen, by mid-afternoon the snow on the gravel drive and paths was already melting, and there wasn’t enough snow to cover the gravel driveway to make it suitable for snow tubing, but maybe next time. Nonetheless, I had so much fun, dressed like a marshmallow and sitting in a front row seat near the bird feeders.

nature photography tufted titmouse

With camera in hand, I quietly sat in the winter wonderland setting, whilst watching and photographing the numerous birds coming to the different feeders. It was truly amazing and so serene, with the only sounds filling the air being the tweets and trills of all the birds, especially the beautiful Slate-colored Juncos, who seem to vocalize frequently, with their sweet little “choo-choo” calls. I decided that was a delightful way to capture reference photos for future miniature paintings!

nature photography dovesjpeg

There were Tufted Titmice, doves, goldfinches, juncos, chipping sparrows, several woodpecker species, Purple Finches and even a beautiful male cardinal visited for the first time! I may have forgotten a few others, as there have been so many! 

nature photography junco

At times sections of the yard were filled with birds scampering along the ground, searching and obviously finding tasty little seeds and bugs to eat, making it appear as if the ground is alive and moving! 

goldfinch in snow photo

Watching the birds wasn’t the only joy with the recent snowfall, but also taking walks along the trails. It was truly beautiful and felt like I was walking through a winter wonderland. Here are several photos so you too can enjoy a virtual walk with me through the snow covered woods.

nature photography snow

nature photography snow7

nature photography snow5

nature photography snow2

I love mushrooms and thought this clump particularly lovely, with a dusting of snow and our cabin in the background. 

nature photography snow3

Another fun part of walking in the woods when the ground is covered in snow, is seeing all the critter tracks! Of course there were lots and lots of squirrel tracks, like the wee ones in the photo below, as well as deer and bird tracks. Another track I found looked to be that of a bobcat, but I’ll have to check into it more to be sure. 

nature photography snow9

The old wooden barn in the photo below, is located in the meadow behind our property and I thought it looked like a Christmas postcard with the snow framing the lovely setting.

nature photography snow4

Of course no matter the amount of times I have built a snowman, I just can’t resist building one yet again when it snows. So alas, I had to build a snowgirl complete with a lovely leaf bonnet. Sadly her eyes soon fell out, but with arms raised, she still appeared to be happy to feel the sun!

nature photography snow8

Now as I write this blog post, the rain is pouring by the bucket fulls outside and has pounded the last of the snow into oblivion. However, the snow in a big long stretch of the backyard as well as the shady sections of the trails lasted until the rain, so I’m thinking who knows, it may be fun to find an old pair of skis and take up cross country skiing when we have snow! For now, I’ll be anxious to see what the ever-changing weather brings us tomorrow! 

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Until Next Time ~ Rachelle

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