Warts, Birdsong and Falling water

fowlers toad photo

Every night this past week whilst in the living room watching TV, we’ve been serenaded by a toad. His slow “Brrrroooaak” fills the air, and I love it! We were pretty sure it was a Fowler’s toad, but now we know for certain since it visited the front porch during the day recently, and we got an up close look at him. He’s such a handsome little fellow, which of course I told him, as well as how much I enjoy hearing him sing at night. I think he’s so handsome in fact, that I may just have to paint him in miniature! The peaceful toad symphony isn’t the only sign that spring is finally here to stay, as the lush fields and pastures in our vicinity are bright green now and filled with yellow flowers! This farm is one of my favorites, especially when the sheep are all out in the fields.

landscape photo2

We took advantage of the beautiful spring weather whilst enjoying a hike one morning this past week. It was a lovely trail lined with wild pink azaleas blooming and mountain laurels that will be blooming soon, so I anticipate seeing the trail when they’re in full blossom! We followed alongside water much of the way, and it was so clear and inviting looking. If only it wasn’t still icy to the touch!

landscape photography

We’re amazed with all of the big rocks at various locations nearby, and I thought these rocks with the huge tree atop them were quite amazing, and I loved that the trail led right through the middle of them!

rachelle siegrist

Below shows the view when I turned around and went the other way and I thought the gigantic rocks were so pretty covered in the bright green moss and bathed in the morning light.

hiking in tennessee

We’ve seen numerous waterfalls and cascades over the years which we thought were quite spectacular, but we had never seen one like this before. Long, thin, moss covered rocks were neatly stacked on top of each other, and hundreds of tiny miniature waterfalls streamed down the entire front of it before reaching the stream below. I can’t express how amazingly peaceful and tranquil the sound of it was, instantly mesmerizing anyone willing to take the time to stop and listen, which we did for quite some time. Obviously we decided instantly that we’d love to have that natural water feature in our backyard!


We’re continually impressed with how many birds are in our surrounding area, and during the hike that morning, we were constantly serenaded by the most beautiful symphony of bird song! We were delighted to spot several of these performers as well, and always try to get photos whenever possible to share with you. Well, we tried several times with this gorgeous American redstart, but alas this was as good as it got, for it was constantly on the move and usually behind multiple sticks, and when it finally got out in the open, it looked the other way . . . Ha Ha!

bird photography

This beautiful wood thrush was much more willing to pose for a nice photo.

wood thrush photo

There were several huge trees scattered throughout the woods and this photo shows just how truly big they are with me standing in the midst of them for scale!

rachelle siegrist hiking

We also saw lots and lots of adorable chipmunks and squirrels scampering about and doing what they love best, eating acorns and nuts! It was truly a wonderful and very relaxing morning, as is any time spent in nature for me! 

adorable chipmunk photo


Wes and I both recently finished miniature paintings. Mine features two beautiful mourning doves and measures 3 ½ x 5 ½ inches. The inspiration for this painting came when I looked out early one December morning and saw them sitting all fluffed up atop the ice and snow encrusted fence. The backlighting from the sun made it even more magical!


mourning dove painting by rachelle siegristMy miniature “An Icy Mourning”

Wes’ painting features a beautiful little golden-crowned kinglet and measures 3 ½ x 3 ½ inches. We saw this little beauty whilst hiking one day and so enjoyed watching it. It’s always such a treat to see these tiny gems of the feathered world. This miniature is now available for your own collection, and you can email us or visit our website artofwildlife.com for more info.

Understory Surprise


5th Birds of America Show

 Francesca Anderson Fine Art, MA: April 20 – June 12, 2022

The Art of Miniature XXX
Snow Goose Gallery, Bethlehem, PA: May 1 – June 12, 2022

31st International Miniature Show
Seaside Art Gallery, Nags Head, NC: April 30 – May 28, 2022

17th Masterpieces in Miniature
Picture This Gallery, Alberta, Canada: May 2022

To see our available miniature paintings as well as some upcoming shows, please

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Until Next Time ~ Rachelle

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