Has it Been a Year Already?

remodeling a log cabin9

We can’t believe it’s already been one full year since we moved to our beloved log cabin in the woods! It doesn’t seem possible, but alas here we find ourselves having already lived here a year this past Thursday. Through hard work, we’ve gotten a lot accomplished here and finished all of our main projects and remodeling that we wanted, or needed, to do. We still have a few things that we’re planning to do this winter, a couple of of which are adding a new rock flower bed at the back of the cabin and extending the patio just a wee bit out back. I confess, we can’t resist playing and building things with rocks, and we still have plenty left on the property to use. 

I don’t know about you, but I absolutely love “before and after” photos, so since at times a picture is worth a thousand words, I thought it would be fun to see the difference that has transpired during our first year here. While trying to stand in the exact same spot, I’ll admit it wasn’t easy, so I got as close as possible. So I hope you enjoy seeing the difference as much as we did!

The photos show before at the top and present day below.

remodeling a log cabin6

We’re happy to have created some differentiation between the driveway and the yard.

remodeling a log cabin7

We tried to save and reuse the wagon wheels, but they were rotten and fell apart when we took them off the deck to build the porch

remodeling a log cabin11

We moved the grapevines to the backyard inside the fence, so we could eat the grapes instead of the deer

remodeling a log cabin

The backyard obviously has the biggest transformation of all! Part of the vast backyard we let be a seasonal meadow and have enjoyed seeing turkey, butterflies, and deer in it regularly.

remodeling a log cabin10

I was thrilled to discover there was a level spot already made for an above ground pool!

remodeling a log cabin13

Wow… what a difference the back porch and sandstone patio made

remodeling a log cabin2

We’ve enjoyed eating on our porch from day one, but it is much nicer now and we love looking out at the gardens

remodeling a log cabin8

We have spent days moving gravel with shovels and a wheelbarrow to work on the steep section of our driveway, and while it’s not perfect, it’s so much better now!

remodeling a log cabin4

The birds and critters love the front yard now, with a fountain, feeding stations and flowers for the insects and hummingbirds.

remodeling a log cabin3

We turned his old 4-wheeler paths into walking trails and added several new sections to what existed.

remodeling a log cabin5

And last but not least, the wonderful pile of “B” rocks that were left, when they mined rocks off the property sometime long ago. This is where we get all of our sandstone to build our patios, fountains, pizza oven, and other rock structures. We call it the rock store and love it because it’s free!

Well, I hope you enjoyed this before and after journey and sometime in the near future I’ll be making a time-lapse video of our back patio and pizza oven build, and will share it with you once it’s finished.


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Until Next Time ~ Rachelle

6 thoughts on “Has it Been a Year Already?

  1. Tom Carlsen

    How nice your home is so perfect for you. We have downsized from our big
    house to a senior living complex. We are at 7000 Aston Gardens Dr #311
    Venice Fl 34292 and are loving it! Love staying in touch with you. Paula

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