Exquisite Miniatures Has Grown Bigger

exquisite miniatures at the MUSE2

Viewing our miniatures at the MUSE (photos courtesy of the museum)

Wes and I received the great news that our traveling exhibition EXQUISITE MINIATURES is going to two more venues, bringing it to a total of 45 venues! We would’ve never imagined when it debuted at the R.W. Norton in May of 2010, that it would still be going strong 13 years later and continuing on after that! We had the opportunity to attend several of the openings for this exhibition as it has traveling across the nation, and have been humbled by the excitement of the attending public. Especially those who are seeing our miniatures for the first time, and upon looking through one of the magnifying glasses accompanying the tour, their first words are “Wow!“. We feel very blessed to have been able to introduce so many people across the United States and now in Canada, to the miniature art world!  


Exquisite Miniatures at the MUSE

Exquisite Miniatures, curated by David J. Wagner, is currently on display at the MUSE Douglas Family Art Centre, located in Kenora, Ontario, Canada, and will remain there thru March 15th, 2023. The two recently added venues are The Museum and Cultural Center at 5ive Points, located in Cleveland, TN and returning back to where it all began 15 years earlier, in the State of Louisiana, the last venue will be the Historic City Hall Arts & Cultural Center located in Lake Charles, LA. With the tour traveling to six more venues after it leaves Canada, there is a chance it will be coming to a museum near you, so check out the tour itinerary on our website at artofwildlife.com

exquisite miniatures at the MUSE

Back here at our studio and home, I am so thankful to be seeing the first few hints of spring! Our Forsythia is covered with bright lemon-yellow flowers that are starting to open up, infusing the drab, winter landscape with a bold splash of color!

forsythia blossom

The moss is beginning to grow as well, turning once dormant patches a plush swaths of bright green.


Sadly one of our small maple trees blew down in a recent storm, but it lives on in the form of legs for a table, built by using an old wooden palette for the top. It’s free and looks and works great and can moved to different spot for use.  

rachelle and wes siegrist

We even had one day where the temperature reached the upper 60s, so I took full advantage of that whilst wearing shorts and working in the yard! We have used rocks from the property to make a stone patio next to our little Sunken Creek and to help keep it from washing out after heavy rains.

rachelle siegrist

Speaking of heavy rains, we received a torrential downpour a couple of nights ago and lost power early the next morning. With cold temps outside and gray skies having returned, the temperature slowly continued to fall inside the house as well. Since we still had no power by lunch and needed to take our chainsaw in for repairs, we decided to go into town and eat somewhere where it was nice and warm, with hot food, before dropping the chainsaw off. We couldn’t believe the amount of water in sections of a cove that we drive through heading into town! These should look like green grass-filled pastures instead of lakes! 

flooded valley

Thankfully because of the gentle slopping pastures, there were areas for the cows and sheep to get up and out of the water.

landscape photo


Our touring exhibition EXQUISITE MINIATURES is now on display at the MUSE (Douglas Family Art Centre) in Kenora, ON, Canada. It will be on display there thru March 15, 2023. For more info,  visit their website The MUSE

Society of Animal Artists 62nd Annual Exhibition Tour 
On display thru April 2, 2023: The Ella Carothers Dunnegan Museum of Art, Bolivar, MO

38th Almost Miniatures Show at Francesca Anderson Fine Art, Portraits North,                                                               Lexington, MA, until February 25,

To see our available miniature paintings as well as some upcoming shows,

visit our WEBSITE  artofwildlife.com     Email us


Until Next Time ~ Rachelle


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