Wow . . . What a Waterfall!


Since the unsettled and often changing weather this spring has made it difficult for us to plan camping trips without getting rained out, we’ve decided to take the occasional day trip instead, which I call our “day-cations”.  It seems to be working out very well for us, as there is so much to see and do fairly nearby us. Looking for places to kayak, I found what I thought would indeed be a fun adventure! So we loaded up the kayaks and a picnic lunch and headed out early one morning this past week. I started getting a bit concerned right away, as our forecasted sunshine was no where in sight and to make things worse, the low lying, heavy, gray clouds kept spitting rain on us as we drove along. “Hmmmmmm” I thought to myself, wondering if things would improve, but we stayed the course whilst remaining positive that the weather would hopefully get better.

Trying to work with the somewhat confusing GPS, I took us along several little country roads, whilst making numerous turns, and we finally ended up on a narrow steep road with a yellow road sign stating “Road ends in water”. Of course that cracked us both up, thinking what a funny thing to put on a sign! I guess they wanted drivers to make sure their brakes were in good working order before starting down the steep road. Excitedly we unloaded the kayaks and embarked on our new adventure! We paddled for quite a while, as Wes fished along the way and I looked for wildlife in the water and along the bank of the river. Finally, upon rounding a bend I could hear the sound of rushing water and grew even more excited, knowing we were getting close.


Making another turn, it came into sight and was stunning! There was something so thrilling about approaching a waterfall from the water, making me feel like we were part of the Lewis and Clark expedition so many years ago! I couldn’t seem to keep my mouth closed, but floated there with a look of complete astonishment on my face! We pulled the kayaks over to the bank and found a wee area where we could climb out onto the rocks. 

rachelle and wes siegrist

We had worked up an appetite by this point, so after exploring for a bit, we found a picture perfect spot to sit and eat while taking in the incredible scenery before us! With recent abundant rain, the waterfall was roaring over the edge, plummeting to the pool below, deafening all other sounds! And as you can guess, I found another one of my favorite spots to sit and eat, or do anything for that fact!

rachelle siegrist

Afterwards we walked over next to the falls again, and I must admit that tears filled my eyes, as I stood there in silence, feeling overwhelmed by the majesty of the falls and the surreal scenery, with my appreciation for creation growing more intense. To the right of the falls lay a sloping hillside covered in jumbled rocks of assorted sizes, with the brightest green grass I’ve ever seen filling in between. I felt like I had finally gotten to go to Ireland, as it looked like what I have seen in photos and videos of it. 


Wes was anxious to try fishing at the base of the falls, so I stayed on land to get a couple of photos of him before climbing into my kayak and paddling to the base myself. The force of the water was creating unbelievable winds, sending out spray for a long ways, which continually covered the camera lenses with water drops. 

wes siegrist kayaking

The time had come and it was my turn, so I started paddling towards the falls and the closer I got the more intensely I could feel the vibrations in the water on my kayak from the sheer force of the water pounding into the pool below! It was truly amazing and I sat there mere inches from the falls, as my kayak gently rocked back and forth in the turbulent water. 

rachelle siergist kayaking

We were both very careful to stay in the middle section and not get close to either side. One of the neatest things of the experience was has unbeliveably small I felt next to it, and was delighted my kayak and me were christened by it!

rachelle siegrist with waterfall

When I finally managed to convince myself to leave the base, I paddled over to where Wes was floating near the edge. Although it was extremely hard to hear him, I finally made out that he was telling me there were baby ducks nearby floating in the water and how he had watched them safely scale a big rock up to the left somewhere. They looked so wee tiny bobbing around in the choppy water next to the behemoth waterfall! It seemed like a sketchy place for ducklings to be, but perhaps their mother is an adrenaline junkie and wants her babies to grow up the same.

baby duck

The arrow is pointing to the minuscule black dot which is one of the baby ducks!

While looking at photos the next day, Wes told me to look at this girl who kept photo-bombing his selfies . . . LOL! He knew I was absolutely in heaven!

wes and rachelle siegrist

I didn’t want to leave and felt as if I could’ve stayed there forever, but alas eventually it was time to start paddling back. 


The journey back was delightful and we found a side stream that went up for a long ways and was so picturesque, and even had a lovely cascade in a nook tucked off on one side.


I know some of you will find this unnerving, but we saw more banded water snakes and garfish this trip, than either of us had ever seen anywhere before! I don’t know if it was the high water or if it was like that there all the time, but it was pretty amazing to see! At one point one of the snakes was swimming nearby, and I started to take a video, but it made a beeline directly toward my kayak, so the video is of my foot inside the kayak, LOL! Now I really like snakes, but I don’t think I want one crawling up into my kayak with me out in the middle of the cold water! I did manage to grab this screen shot below from the short video I took. We couldn’t believe it was after 4 pm when we got back to the van, but it’s as the saying goes . . . “Time flies when you’re having fun!”

banded water snake


Our traveling exhibition Exquisite Miniatures is now on display at the  Herbert Hoover Presidential Library-Museum, located in West Branch, IA, and will remain on display thru September 24, 2023. We will be traveling to this lovely museum on June 24th to demonstrate miniature painting and do a gallery walk through the exhibition with the public.

You will LOVE this aweosme short video published by the museum! We can tell we’re gonna have a ball while were there!

31st International Miniature Show
April 29 to May 27, 2023: Seaside Art Gallery, Nags Head, NC (I’m delighted to say that Wes has already sold 2 of his miniatures)

 17th Masterpieces in Miniature
May 6-24, 2023: Picture This Gallery, Alberta, Canada

 The Art of Miniature XXXI
Through June 10, 2023: Snow Goose Gallery, Bethlehem, PA

To see our available miniature paintings as well as some upcoming shows, Please

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Until Next Time ~ Rachelle


4 thoughts on “Wow . . . What a Waterfall!

  1. Susan Palmer

    I would have worried – was I at the top of the waterfall and needed to beware or at the thundering pond blow😵‍💫‼️
    Love the short video made by the museum. Just perfect!
    So enjoyed your day-cation!! Thank you!!

    1. It was an amazing waterfall and so incredible being able to spend time in its presence!! Yes, the museum did a great job on the video and will be posting more, which I’ll be anxious to see! So glad you enjoyed our day-cation!
      Hugs 🤗

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