Heading For SEWE!

Another Birthday and Miniature Paintings at SEWE!

By Rachelle Siegrist

siegrist miniature paintings for SEWE
Miniature paintings ready to be packed up to head to SEWE

We’re currently preparing for the upcoming Southeastern Wildlife Exposition (SEWE) in Charleston, SC. and the NatureWorks show in Tulsa, OK. While we’ve spent most of our time at the easels this past week, Wes finally finished framing our miniature paintings for the two upcoming shows.  We also celebrated another birthday this past week, so I decided to put into use some of what we’ve learned while recently watching The Great British Bake Off!  I made a dark chocolate cake with mint flavored cream cheese buttercream frosting, and of course as always, calorie free . . . HA!

elegant chocolate cake

Our friend Sharon has an upcoming birthday, so we surprised her with a cake and party, and surprised she was indeed!  Her husband Tom, as well as friends Fred and Barb were all more than delighted to help her celebrate by eating the yummy cake!

rachelle siegrist with birthday cake
Sharon says . . .  “Oh Yum!”

We were blessed with a day of beautiful weather this past week, so we headed into Cades Cove with Tom and Sharon to spend the afternoon hiking about woods.  With clear blue skies above and milder temps, we felt as if we were in heaven to say the least!  We even felt breezes that were almost warm at times, which truly felt amazing!  At one point, we sat by a stream to enjoy an afternoon snack and Tom and I couldn’t resist wading in the icy water.  Since my feet went numb as soon as I stepped in, it didn’t feel too bad . . . Ha Ha!

rachelle siegrist in cades cove
Oh come on in Wes and Sharon!

~ Fresh off the Easels ~

I finished  my miniature landscape painting featuring a gorgeous sunset, which we photographed while in Florida at Christmas.  It was actually Christmas evening, when my parents joined Wes and I as we walked a trail through a beautiful marsh near their home.  You cane see below I’m adding the 76th bird to the wee flock flying above the marsh.  This painting along with about 50 others can be seen and purchased at SEWE this coming weekend, and we’re looking forward to seeing many of you there!

Rachelle Siegrist painting a miniature landscape painting of a sunset
“Sunset At The Marsh”

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Until next time . . .

~ Rachelle


511 Years Old And Upcoming SEWE

Wes’ Birthday and Miniature Paintings at SEWE!

By Rachelle Siegrist

rachelle siegrist lemon cream cake

Wes celebrated his 52nd Birthday this past week, with friends Fred, Barb and Kit joining us that evening for dinner and of course cake!  Since Wes loves lemon, I made a lemon cream cake combining a classic French yogurt lemon cake with British baker, Mary Berry’s, delicious lemon cream filling and icing drizzle recipes.  Can you say Scrummy! . . . as it was scrumptiously delicious, and I will certainly be making it again! The funny part about the cake, which was totally unintentional, resulted from the lack of candle choices.  Upon finding a “5” candle, I added two single candles to it, reading as “52” to us.  However, many of our friends read it as “511” bringing about much humorous commentary about Wes’ ripe old age and wondrous face cream he must be using!

wes siegrist with birthday cake
Get ready to make a wish Wes!

We’re currently preparing for upcoming shows SEWE and NatureWorks, so while we’ve both been at the easels most of the time, Wes continues with the framing process.  It’s also time to look at last year’s painting inventory, to determine which paintings have already been there, as we try to take almost all brand new paintings to the shows.

Siegrist Miniature Paintings show preparation2

Once paintings have been selected,  databases have to be updated,  title and information labels have to be printed off, and the joyous task of filling out mounds of paperwork begins.   Filling out forms is one time that having so many miniature paintings and two artists at a show is a problem!

Siegrist Miniature Paintings show preparation1

We’ve been able to enjoy walks most days, as well as playing ping-pong some evenings, but I must admit, that I’m starting to gnash at the bits to get back out on the lake in my kayak or take a nice hike in the woods.  It won’t be long now!!!

~ Fresh off the Easels ~

Since the happy recipient received their surprise portrait painting of a beautiful Black Lab named Rain this past week, I’m able to share it with you.  As you can well imagine, he was totally delighted with his precious gem!

black lab dog painting commission a dog painting
My latest dog commission “Rain”

Here’s a view of Rain with me painting on her for scale.

dog painting commission

While Wes and I both continue painting for upcoming juried shows, here’s the latest painting in my African Gems series of a Cape Buffalo.  The four paintings will debut at the upcoming Southeastern Wildlife Exposition in Charleston, SC.

Rachelle Siegrist working on a miniature painting of a cape buffalo

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Until next time . . .

~ Rachelle

Getting Ready For SEWE!

 Miniature Paintings at SEWE and The Neville Public Museum!

By Rachelle Siegrist

siegrist gardens

Ah . . . the feeling of hammer hitting the nail!  How delightful to derive so much satisfaction from one of life’s simplest activities, especially when done efficiently and perfect! I got to spend the day yesterday, enjoying this favorite past time of mine, while Wes and I rebuilt a large wooden planter by our back deck that houses a beautiful Weeping Holly.  After 15 years, the old wooden box was in disrepair and needed to be replaced, and I must say that the holly seems very pleased in its’ new container, and I was very happy to spend the day outdoors building and hammering!

wes siegrist framing miniature paintings

The rest of the week has been spent once again at our easels and with Wes working on framing our paintings getting ready for the upcoming Southeastern Wildlife Exposition in Charleston, SC.

framing miniature paintings


Upon finishing a painting, we decide which frame it looks best in, and then they lay in wait, until appropriate mats are cut and the painting is assembled, ready to be hung or displayed on an easel.

wes siegrist framing paintings

Painting and framing are only part of the work that goes into getting ready for our upcoming shows at SEWE and NatureWorks. I’ll share more of the process next week.

Our traveling exhibition tour Exquisite Miniatures, opened at the Neville Public Museum a couple of weeks ago and is being greatly enjoyed by the public!

Siegrist Exquisite Miniatures Exhibition at The Neville Public Museum -

Over 60 of our miniature paintings were hung with careful precision affording the viewer the opportunity to enjoy looking at the little gems with ease.

Siegrist Exquisite Miniatures Exhibition at The Neville Public Museum

Green Bay Presses’ The Daily Dose, was live on January 24th at the Neville Public Museum to talk about the new exhibition, Exquisite Miniatures.  You too can enjoy watching the fun interview by clicking on the photo linked below.Green Bay Press Gazette live with Siegrist Exquisite Miniatures Exhibition at The Neville Public Museum

dog painting by rachelle siegrist commission a pet painting

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Until next time . . .

~ Rachelle