Snorkeling Tennessee Streams

rachelle siegrist

Me snorkeling while floating face down on my tube 

It’s hard to believe today with the temperature currently hovering in the low 50s, but it was warm enough this past week, that we got to go snorkeling for the first time this season! Okay, so we had on wetsuits and decided to float atop our partially inflated tubes to keep part of us warmer, but hey . . . whatever works and keeps me warmer, while allowing me to play in the water! We saw numerous varieties of fish, and I was thrilled to see several large Hornyhead Chub minnows working on nests! These fish are amazing not only in appearance, but also because they actually carry rocks bigger than their heads at times, upstream to make large nests. 

hornyhead chub

Hornyhead Chub

The chubs aren’t the only colorful fish in the stream, the Warpaint Shiner, as pictured below are one of my favorites too! They look as if they’ve been painted, hence their namesake, and are usually quite friendly. 

warpaint shiner

Warpaint Shiner

There are several darter species found in our Tennessee streams, including this little beauty shown below, called a Redline Darter. They’re a bit more shy, but if you can stay in place for a minute or two, they’ll peak at you from behind or underneath rocks and come out for a short visit.

redline darter

Redline Darter

So here’s what I look like as I’m trying to hold myself in place with in a strong current, while using my GoPro attached to an extendable monopod, to carefully try and film all the different fish. The current in many places is very strong, and it seems like the biggest concentration of fish is usually at the base of whitewater areas, so it’s quite tricky to stay in place and almost impossible to hold the camera still. It’s great fun though and I love exploring every nook and cranny to see what I can discover!

rachelle siegrist snorkeling

There are so many varieties of minnows and darters, which we’re trying to learn, and another favorite of mine are these gorgeous Tennessee Shiners which turn bright red during breeding season. Their beautiful bright colors remind me of snorkeling in the Florida Keys!

tennessee shiner & chub

I think the bright red colorations of the Tennessee Shiners pair so nicely against the backdrop of the green water!

tennessee shiner

We also found two different Mottled Sculpins, which are stunning fish as well! They were in stronger current areas, so it was harder for me to hold the camera still enough to get a really clear photo of them. Nonetheless, you can still see how truly amazing they are!

mottled sculpin

Mottled Sculpin

As promised, here’s my latest video for you to enjoy! Travel along with us as we go camping, kayaking, hiking and exploring!

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