The Big Snow Globe

nature photography snow6

Wow . . . the weather here has been all over the place the past couple of weeks! Only a little over a week ago, it was sunny and almost 70 degrees outside! Then it was time for things to change, and it felt like we were living in a snow globe that had just been furiously shaken, as the snow started falling, turning the world white. It was beautiful and I couldn’t wait to suit up in multiple layers and head out for a peaceful walk in the woods! Since the ground wasn’t frozen, by mid-afternoon the snow on the gravel drive and paths was already melting, and there wasn’t enough snow to cover the gravel driveway to make it suitable for snow tubing, but maybe next time. Nonetheless, I had so much fun, dressed like a marshmallow and sitting in a front row seat near the bird feeders.

nature photography tufted titmouse

With camera in hand, I quietly sat in the winter wonderland setting, whilst watching and photographing the numerous birds coming to the different feeders. It was truly amazing and so serene, with the only sounds filling the air being the tweets and trills of all the birds, especially the beautiful Slate-colored Juncos, who seem to vocalize frequently, with their sweet little “choo-choo” calls. I decided that was a delightful way to capture reference photos for future miniature paintings!

nature photography dovesjpeg

There were Tufted Titmice, doves, goldfinches, juncos, chipping sparrows, several woodpecker species, Purple Finches and even a beautiful male cardinal visited for the first time! I may have forgotten a few others, as there have been so many! 

nature photography junco

At times sections of the yard were filled with birds scampering along the ground, searching and obviously finding tasty little seeds and bugs to eat, making it appear as if the ground is alive and moving! 

goldfinch in snow photo

Watching the birds wasn’t the only joy with the recent snowfall, but also taking walks along the trails. It was truly beautiful and felt like I was walking through a winter wonderland. Here are several photos so you too can enjoy a virtual walk with me through the snow covered woods.

nature photography snow

nature photography snow7

nature photography snow5

nature photography snow2

I love mushrooms and thought this clump particularly lovely, with a dusting of snow and our cabin in the background. 

nature photography snow3

Another fun part of walking in the woods when the ground is covered in snow, is seeing all the critter tracks! Of course there were lots and lots of squirrel tracks, like the wee ones in the photo below, as well as deer and bird tracks. Another track I found looked to be that of a bobcat, but I’ll have to check into it more to be sure. 

nature photography snow9

The old wooden barn in the photo below, is located in the meadow behind our property and I thought it looked like a Christmas postcard with the snow framing the lovely setting.

nature photography snow4

Of course no matter the amount of times I have built a snowman, I just can’t resist building one yet again when it snows. So alas, I had to build a snowgirl complete with a lovely leaf bonnet. Sadly her eyes soon fell out, but with arms raised, she still appeared to be happy to feel the sun!

nature photography snow8

Now as I write this blog post, the rain is pouring by the bucket fulls outside and has pounded the last of the snow into oblivion. However, the snow in a big long stretch of the backyard as well as the shady sections of the trails lasted until the rain, so I’m thinking who knows, it may be fun to find an old pair of skis and take up cross country skiing when we have snow! For now, I’ll be anxious to see what the ever-changing weather brings us tomorrow! 

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Surrounded By Blue Birds

fall wreath

Happy Fall Ya’ll! Wow . . . It’s hard to believe Thanksgiving is nearly upon us! But here it is the 21st of November already. I guess time flies when you’re having fun or working on a lot of projects! Either way, I seem to be having a hard time keeping up with what day of the week or the month it is here. It’s like we’re living in the twilight zone, in a good way, here in Grandview! 

We finished treating the cabin with log oil, a job we’re both very thankful to be done with indeed! It looks happier and in much better shape now though and that makes us feel good. We also finished building the greenhouse this past week. We’re digging the floor out in it, about two feet down, adding nice geothermal insulation properties to it. We’ve also managed to fill the leaf compost on the left of it, using a minuscule fraction of the leaves our numerous trees have shed this past week. That being said, we have raked and blown leaves multiple times and since most have come down now, I’m thinking we’ll be doing a little less of this activity this next week.

building a greenhouse

Here’s a look inside the greenhouse, with our few plants brought along from our garden in Townsend, and they seem to be very happy in their new warm home! About half of the floor has yet to be dug out, and once we’re finished I’ll be sharing a step-by-step of the building process on a blog post, in case you’re curious to see how it was built.


One of my projects this past week was to create the stone patio entrance to the front deck. We had already moved the rocks there and had them scattered about. I spent the entire day carefully moving them around and arranging them, before digging out some of the gravel and dirt beneath, to seat them in place. It was like putting together a giant, heavy puzzle, one piece at a time, making adjustments as needed, to make it fit together just right. 

making a stone sidewalk

I was quite pleased with how it turned out, and thought it kind like creating a large abstract! I’ll be adding onto the patio later on, as we’re planning to build both a pizza oven and rocket stove in that area, to enjoy cooking on, and of course for free! We’ll be building a roof on part of the front deck as well later on, so you’ll see those changes as they happen.

stone patio ideas

Another fun wood working project we did yesterday, was build several birdhouses and put them all about the yard. We used wood we had and the old metal poles the previous owner left from his above ground pool he once had. We just had to put two poles together to make each one tall enough, and voila’… we had the perfect birdhouse pole! The day before we built these, I had walked out to dump the compost in the compost bed, and suddenly stopped dead in my tracks, as a beautiful male bluebird flew up, landing atop a birdhouse mere feet in front of me! I was thrilled to say the least, and even more so when I realized that I was surrounded by bluebirds! There were a dozen of them everywhere I looked, atop several houses, on the greenhouse, the clothesline and even the table saw! It was absolutely amazing, and I stood there very still, feeling as if I was a part of this beautiful bright blue flock! Talk about immediate rewards for your work, that was certainly the case yesterday! Of course, we placed them so that we can see a box out of every window in the house 🙂

bird houses

Wes has spent some time in the crawl space underneath the house, putting foam insulation on all the water pipes. Definitely a job I don’t envy him of at all! I did get down and peer into the nicer space, which is actually inside what was once part of the garage, hence this photo. Another job he will be very happy to be done with!

wes siegrist

We take daily walks together along the multiple trails we have made through our woods, and I usually take several trips around them each day when possible. Walking in the woods is certainly one of my favorite pastimes, and I feel so blessed to be able to enjoy doing just that daily now. I love collecting beautiful leaves, or acorns or other interesting natural objects I find, and I created this lovely autumn bouquet using those things. I still had the carnation and few little rust-colored daisies from the arrangement I was given by a friend a couple of weeks ago, which I added to it.

autumn flower arrangement

If we’re out walking late enough in the evening, we get to watch “Batty”, our resident bat who comes out many evenings performing stunning aeronautical ballets as it eats bugs. It’s great fun to watch and at times it quickly dips down, zipping along just above my head. Amazingly it can change directions instantly in mid-air, a feat that doesn’t look possible, but for Batty it is and comes with great ease! Our mail lady kindly dropped off a few oversized packages for us one evening, since she only lives a couple of properties down from us, and we were on her way home. When Wes stepped out to help her, he stuck his head back in the door, telling me to come look at the moon. I stepped out with camera in hand, and it was truly amazing! Although my photo doesn’t do it justice in the least, it was huge, and bright orange, looking more like the sun rising than the moon! Even though it was quite frigid out, I had to stand there admiring it, and watching as it slowly went higher into the sky. 

moonrise photo

The deer have been back a couple of mornings this week, and we see them walking the trails we’ve made. This delights me, and I love seeing fresh tracks and scat many days, knowing that we have made them happy with these trails leading through our woods. We still have one more loop to add to the existing trails, and will probably do that sometime soon, then I hope to add fun little trailhead signs. Once completed I’ll take you along on a walk in the woods with me through photos and stories.

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Bats, Birds And A Special Visitor

Rachelle siegrist

After what feels like months of work, we took a couple of breaks this past week to just enjoy life for a while, and enjoy it I did! One day while running errands in town, we swung by Captain D’s and grabbed some delicious lunch to go and took it to a nearby park. What a nice park it was indeed and we found a great spot by the water to enjoy our picnic lunch. Afterwards we took a leisurely stroll around the mile hiking trail, stopping to admire a couple of beautiful flower gardens created by a local garden club, and to watch a flock of Mallards exhuberantly taking baths. It was such a nice break from the recent days spent working, and I felt like I was visiting and exploring a new location, which I guess I was! 

wes siegrist

Another day this past week, we enjoyed a visit from one of our dear collector friends whom we’ve known for many years and feels like family to us. Dr. Bob, as we call him, went out of his way to come visit us in “the boonies” as he calls it, and enjoy a spaghetti lunch on the front porch. It was a wonderful afternoon full of conversation and laughs, as we caught up on recent happenings. Since it’s been nearly two years since we’ve seen him, it was wonderful seeing his friendly face in person once again and was indeed a real treat for Wes and I. 

rachelle siegrist kayaking

Yesterday was lovely and so we decided to spend the afternoon kayaking at nearby Watts Bar Lake. I can’t tell you how thrilled I was to “splash” my kayak back into the water again, with it being over a couple of months since we’d been on the water! Paddling at a new location, I almost felt like we had set off on a journey in an RV, and it was a wonderful feeling indeed! We saw more birds than we’ve ever seen while kayaking in Tennessee.


There were several Blue Herons, ducks, geese, grebes, and a Bald Eagle that swooped down not too far from us, snagging a fish in its’ large talons, before flying off, water streaming down from his prized catch! And there were literally hundreds of Coots floating and bobbing about the water’s surface, making me feel almost like I was back home on Lake Okeechobee!


After paddling along quite a distance, we came upon a beautiful park situated on a peninsula affording visitors almost 360 views of that section o the lake. Unbelievably there were only 3 people at the park, and as you can imagine with us having recently moved from the Smokies, we found that hard to believe on such a gorgeous Saturday. That being said, we were delighted to have it mostly all to ourselves! 



I’m not really sure how many miles we paddled yesterday, but we were both a bit tired by the time we returned to the park where we launched the kayaks. It was a wonderful day and much needed time of relaxation! Meanwhile back at home, the leaves are starting to turn to flame, bringing bold splashes of bright reds and yellows to our woods. 



We’ve spent a bit of time working on the trails we’re making through the woods, and it’s been fun walking them each day. Excitedly, we discovered we have a small creek on the property! Most of it is actually underground, with several holes along the way where you can see the clear water running below. I’ve named it Sunken Creek, for obvious reasons, but it emerges to the top of the ground to the one side of the property and meanders a short distance before heading down to the neighbor’s pond. Almost each time I walk by it, I see a couple of frogs hanging out there, which is always a treat for me!


We’ve enjoyed some lovely coloration in the evening skies at sunset, and I thought it was particularly pretty after a rain shower had left bright droplets at the tips of the pines in the foreground. The evenings are a pleasant time to walk the trails, and I ended one day with standing in the open part of the backyard, whilst watching the bats flitting through the air above my head, and all about me, coming very near to me at times. Zipping here and there, up and down like aeronautical ballerinas, while catching bugs and feasting. Having always loved bats, this was sun a delightful experience for me and I’m quite anxious to get our bat houses up, and hopefully attracting these wonderful new tenants! I’m sure this comes as no surprise, but after that I patiently watch and wait each evening to see if the bats will return and tango with me for a short while.

bay flying

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We are delighted to have our history-making tour on display in this beautiful museum! So if you’re in, or are going to be in the area, plan a visit to see over 60 of our miniature paintings in person, grab a magnifying glass and experience the “wow factor!” And if you fall in love with one . . . well, it can be yours forever, as all paintings in the exhibition are available.

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