The 2020 Southeastern Wildlife Exposition

SEWE a big night for small works

WOW . . . What a busy week this past one has been, while we were in Charleston, South Carolina for 38th Annual Southeastern Wildlife Exposition! It was our 20th year participating in this wonderful art show and what better way to celebrate that, than to be asked to demonstrate at SEWE’s newest exciting event, A Big Night For Small Works!

SEWE a big night for small works1

Wes and I painted while talking with a very enthusiastic crowd at the sold-out event this past Wednesday evening which took place at the Halls Event Center in Charleston. It’s always wonderful to see the public excited about our miniature paintings and enjoy watching us paint so very much! At times people were on their knees to get a closer view while watching us make numerous tiny brushstrokes. Patrons were delighted to watch me paint on my adorable resident squirrel, named Bunny while listening to stories about my fun interactions with her.

rachelle siegrist painting miniatures at SEWE
Photo of me painting “Bunny Squirrel” courtesy of SEWE

I think a highlight of the demonstration was showing how we use an old toothbrush at times to make the first layers of highly textured areas, such as the duckweed in the Black-crowned Night Heron miniature I was painting on. Wes demonstrated how he decides what is to be the final touches on one of his paintings of a night heron, as well as painting the middle stages on a Southern Fox Squirrel painting. Needless to say, it was a great and exciting evening!

wes siegrist painting miniatures at SEWE
Photo of Wes painting courtesy of SEWE

The next day we hung and carefully arranged our miniature paintings in our booth located inside the ballroom at the Charleston Place Hotel.  That evening the gala opening took place and was a sold-out event as always, filling the ballroom with ball gowns and tuxes.

SEWE wes & Rachelle Siegrist miniature paintings

The next three days were filled with attendees, many of them never having seen true miniature paintings before, and obviously quite ecstatic about their new discovery of this tiny art form! Countless people shared with us throughout the weekend how excited they were about having seen our Exquisite Miniatures Exhibition currently at Brookgreen Gardens located in Murrells Inlet, SC. Even Sasquatch stopped by to see them and chose my “Southern Kaleidoscope” featuring a Painted Bunting, as one of his favorites!

SEWE wes & Rachelle Siegrist miniature paintings1

Saturday evening we had a lovely time and dinner with one of our dear collector friends at a local restaurant while enjoying wonderful conversation, yummy food and a bunch of great laughs!

rachelle and wes siegrist at SEWE
Mike, Wes and me taking a selfie in a mirror by our table

Before we knew it the show had ended and several of our miniature gems had found new homes! We would like to extend a heartfelt Thank You to the SEWE staff for all their hard work in making it such an enjoyable week and successful show and to those of you who are now enjoying new miniature paintings from us in your homes!

~  See Our Miniatures In-Person This Week  ~

Exquisite Miniatures at Brookgreen Gardens                                                               January 25 – April 26, 2020:Murrells Inlet, SC

Exquisite Miniatures exhibition at Brookgreen Gardens7

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A Big Night For Small Works

A big night for small works SEWE 2020

Wes and I are delighted to be part of the newest exciting event at the Southeastern Wildlife Exposition in Charleston, SC this year! A Big Night For Small Works will take place Wednesday, February 12th from 6 to 10PM, where we will be demonstrating our miniature painting techniques on 4 different paintings. So if you’ve always wanted to see just how we “paint that small” and haven’t yet had the chance, this is a great opportunity to do so if you’re going to be in Charleston that day. The paintings we’ll be painting on will all be available for you to add to your collections, making it even more special since you’ll be able to watch us paint them! Tickets are limited and must be purchased ahead of time for this exciting special event.

Rachelle Siegrist working on a puppy painting commission
Rachelle paints on a dog commission

If you can’t make it, to watch us demonstrate Wednesday evening, then you can see over forty of our miniatures in person, during the SEWE festival Friday the 14th through Sunday 16th at the Charleston Place Hotel located in downtown Charleston.

And while you’re in the vicinity, take advantage of a wonderful opportunity to see fifty-nine more of our miniature paintings at beautiful Brookgreen Gardens in Murrells Inlet.

brookgreen gardens

Exquisite Miniatures will be at Brookgreen Gardens through April 26th. I’ve created a short and exciting video of our touring exhibition of miniature paintings at Brookgreen and included numerous photos and videos of the stunning sculpture gardens there, as well as of several furry and feathered residents that call their wonderful Lowcountry Zoo home, so do enjoy watching the video below.

While in Murrells Inlet attending the opening of Exquisite Miniatures, we were able to spend a couple of hours walking along the beach.  Since it’s a favorite pastime of mine, I was in heaven to say the least, as we strolled along the sand, serenaded by the crashing surf and cries of seagulls, as we searched for the perfect seashells, of which we found several! We happened upon five different jellyfish that had washed up on the sand, and I have to admit they were absolutely beautiful and so amazingly interesting to see in an up-close and personal way!

rachelle siegrist jellyfish photo

I must say that this is a view I never tire of seeing and sounds I could listen to forever!

murrells inlet SC

~ See Our Miniatures In-Person This Week ~

Exquisite Miniatures exhibition at Brookgreen Gardens7

January 25 – April 26, 2020: Brookgreen Gardens, Murrells Inlet, SC

45th Annual International Miniature Art Show
January 19 – February 9, 2020: Dunedin Fine Art Center, Dunedin, FL

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Miniature Paintings At The Customs House Museum

Exquisite Miniatures At The Customs House

By Rachelle Siegrist

Exquisite miniature exhibition at customs house museum

Wes and I headed to Clarksville, TN last Wednesday morning, and I couldn’t resist singing the Monkee’s song. “Take the last train to Clarksville . . . and I’ll see you in the morning“!  We arrived in time to visit Dunbar Cave State Park later that afternoon.  It was a lovely little park, with a couple of nice hiking trails winding their way through the woodlands, which we enjoyed walking, and although the cave wasn’t yet open for season, it was still impressive to see!  It’s adjacent to Swan Lake, where we saw lots of turtles, a few ducks and even a nesting Canada Goose.

rachelle siegrist at dunbar Cave state park

The next morning we drove to the Customs House Museum and Cultural Center, a beautiful historic building which first opened as a customs house to the public in 1898. We were delightfully surprised to see a large banner hanging at the front of the magnificent building, displaying our miniature paintings on each side!

Once inside, we were met by the friendly staff, before heading to the gallery with Terri, where Exquisite Miniatures is on display until June 24th.  Beautifully arranged in groupings, each group has two hanging magnifying glasses easily accesible, for getting an intimate look at the miniature gems on display.

Exquisite miniature exhibition at customs house museum3

We quickly set up our easels and palettes, while laying out our brushes, and before long attendees started filing into the gallery.  With standing room only left, everyone seemed intrigued with the miniature art, as we talked about the process, joys and difficulties of painting miniatures, while also demonstrating some of our painting techniques.

wes siegrist Exquisite miniature exhibition at customs house museumOnlookers voiced how interesting the differences in our painting techniques are.  Having not really thought that much about it before, we totally agreed that watching Wes paint is like watching a high speed car race, while watching me is more like watching sheep peacefully graze in green pastures!

Trying to pack as much information as possible into our time there demonstrating, which passed all too quickly, we lingered afterwards and answered as many questions as possible from curious attendees.

siegrists Exquisite miniature exhibition at customs house museum

Afterwards, we enjoyed walking through the museum and seeing the numerous exhibits and historical artifacts on display, with the large model train set being a favorite for both of us!  We want to thank Terri, Blanca, Randy and the rest of the friendly staff at the museum again for making our time there such a pleasure!  If you’re ever in the Clarksville area, I highly recommend a visit to this wonderful museum!

Exquisite miniature exhibition at customs house museum2

Next week I’ll be sharing exciting stories and amazing photos from our adventurous day at Fall Creek Falls State Park!!

We’re so delighted that we each had a miniature painting accepted into this year’s Society of Animal Artists’ 58th Annual Art & The Animal Exhibition
at The James Museum of Western and Wildlife Art, St. Petersburg, FL!

Wes’ “Long Jawed Orb Weavers” and my “Uncomfortably Menacing”

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