Bats, Birds And A Special Visitor

Rachelle siegrist

After what feels like months of work, we took a couple of breaks this past week to just enjoy life for a while, and enjoy it I did! One day while running errands in town, we swung by Captain D’s and grabbed some delicious lunch to go and took it to a nearby park. What a nice park it was indeed and we found a great spot by the water to enjoy our picnic lunch. Afterwards we took a leisurely stroll around the mile hiking trail, stopping to admire a couple of beautiful flower gardens created by a local garden club, and to watch a flock of Mallards exhuberantly taking baths. It was such a nice break from the recent days spent working, and I felt like I was visiting and exploring a new location, which I guess I was! 

wes siegrist

Another day this past week, we enjoyed a visit from one of our dear collector friends whom we’ve known for many years and feels like family to us. Dr. Bob, as we call him, went out of his way to come visit us in “the boonies” as he calls it, and enjoy a spaghetti lunch on the front porch. It was a wonderful afternoon full of conversation and laughs, as we caught up on recent happenings. Since it’s been nearly two years since we’ve seen him, it was wonderful seeing his friendly face in person once again and was indeed a real treat for Wes and I. 

rachelle siegrist kayaking

Yesterday was lovely and so we decided to spend the afternoon kayaking at nearby Watts Bar Lake. I can’t tell you how thrilled I was to “splash” my kayak back into the water again, with it being over a couple of months since we’d been on the water! Paddling at a new location, I almost felt like we had set off on a journey in an RV, and it was a wonderful feeling indeed! We saw more birds than we’ve ever seen while kayaking in Tennessee.


There were several Blue Herons, ducks, geese, grebes, and a Bald Eagle that swooped down not too far from us, snagging a fish in its’ large talons, before flying off, water streaming down from his prized catch! And there were literally hundreds of Coots floating and bobbing about the water’s surface, making me feel almost like I was back home on Lake Okeechobee!


After paddling along quite a distance, we came upon a beautiful park situated on a peninsula affording visitors almost 360 views of that section o the lake. Unbelievably there were only 3 people at the park, and as you can imagine with us having recently moved from the Smokies, we found that hard to believe on such a gorgeous Saturday. That being said, we were delighted to have it mostly all to ourselves! 



I’m not really sure how many miles we paddled yesterday, but we were both a bit tired by the time we returned to the park where we launched the kayaks. It was a wonderful day and much needed time of relaxation! Meanwhile back at home, the leaves are starting to turn to flame, bringing bold splashes of bright reds and yellows to our woods. 



We’ve spent a bit of time working on the trails we’re making through the woods, and it’s been fun walking them each day. Excitedly, we discovered we have a small creek on the property! Most of it is actually underground, with several holes along the way where you can see the clear water running below. I’ve named it Sunken Creek, for obvious reasons, but it emerges to the top of the ground to the one side of the property and meanders a short distance before heading down to the neighbor’s pond. Almost each time I walk by it, I see a couple of frogs hanging out there, which is always a treat for me!


We’ve enjoyed some lovely coloration in the evening skies at sunset, and I thought it was particularly pretty after a rain shower had left bright droplets at the tips of the pines in the foreground. The evenings are a pleasant time to walk the trails, and I ended one day with standing in the open part of the backyard, whilst watching the bats flitting through the air above my head, and all about me, coming very near to me at times. Zipping here and there, up and down like aeronautical ballerinas, while catching bugs and feasting. Having always loved bats, this was sun a delightful experience for me and I’m quite anxious to get our bat houses up, and hopefully attracting these wonderful new tenants! I’m sure this comes as no surprise, but after that I patiently watch and wait each evening to see if the bats will return and tango with me for a short while.

bay flying

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