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Our Comprehensive Website:

Wes Siegrist, Webmaster

By Wes Siegrist

It’s hard to believe that has been online 17 years already. We had previous websites featuring our work online a year or so before launching and even now we have various groups and pages around the internet that highlight us and our work. Combined, these all still far short of the nearly exhaustive content on today. We thought we’d share some background on the website’s development and some insights on what can be discovered searching its current pages.

In the mid-1990s website development was limited for the technically disadvantaged. Yep, that was us. We actually sat in front of our first business computer for a few minutes trying to determine where to turn it on! We planned to use the computer for mostly three purposes: databases, newsletters and a website. The latter was certainly the most challenging despite having what seemed like a fairly simple WYSIWYG editor. (Also known as “What You See Is What You Get”) The problem we soon discovered, was that WYSIWYG editors didn’t always display websites that same on various browsers. Sometimes it would look great on one, yet jumbled all together atop elements on another. Surely there had to be a better way!

With that quest in mind I had asked Rachelle to search for a book for dummies on building websites while she was “in the big city” shopping with her mom. I’ll admit, I was dismayed and daunted to be handed “Teach Yourself HTML in 24 Hours” later that evening! I recall telling Rachelle it looks like Greek. (Truthfully, learning the Greek alphabet around that same time I found an easier task!) However, the book demonstrated why browsers had issues with WYSIWYG editors and claimed to be able to solve the problem. I learned HTML.

For brevity’s sake it will have to suffice to say “I was learning HTML” would be more accurate. It seems something always needed tweaking and coding was being altered by the powers that be to make it more efficient. Years later, ominous warnings came out that HTML was being deprecated and mostly replaced by CSS. I learned CSS …ditto, still learning it! Needless to say, the website has consumed a great deal of my time which was compounded by me taking on the responsibility as webmaster for over a dozen groups and individuals since 2000. Now, I’m paring down those responsibilities so I can paint more … and play. I still find it enjoyable to maintain and actually prefer going there for finding out specifics about our career to digging through filing cabinets for the same information. So, what can you find at our website?

1. Foremost, our artwork! Paintings are arranged by category as best we can: Birds, Butterflies, Fish & Reptiles, Floral & Still Life, Landscapes, Mammals, Portraits and Commissions. We also have a page that features older miniature paintings: Archived Gems
2. Exhibit Schedule: Where you can see our work in person and where you can come meet us!
3. Biography: Twenty-five plus years of career together and pretty much everything you might ever want to know about it including an annual listing of the 700+ shows we’ve done and more!
4. Awards: They number in the hundreds already and grow annually … yes, we often compete against each other!
5. Publications: This page is an attempt to comprehensively list all the PR we’ve received on us and our work to date.
6. Books: We’ve published several and have more in the works. Do you have copies?
7. Testimonials: Read what our collectors, art professionals and peers have to say about our art!
8. The EXQUISITE MINIATURES Tour: A page highlighting this record breaking, history-in-the-making tour of our miniature paintings. (Links to installation photos and more can be found on other pages linked at the bottom of this one)
9. Step-by-step Paintings: How do we do it? Check here to see or follow us on Facebook for more.
10. There’s More: Yes, more on miniature art, miniature art history, online resources … and it can all be accessed via the Sitemap!

And don’t forget … you can subscribe to this blog to get an email each time we update it, you can sign up for our bi-monthly email newsletters, and you can “Like” our page on Facebook. All of these give you the opportunity to join us vicariously in our personal and business adventures and see our latest work without waiting for a show to arrive in your area.

The Siegrists in their studio

A Heartfelt Thanks to all who are part of our family of collectors and friends!

~ Wes & Rachelle ~

Posted by: Rachelle Siegrist | December 14, 2014

A Fun Visit with Wes’ Family!

A Visit With Wes’ Family

By Rachelle Siegrist

siegrist family 2014Jeanie (holding sweet Zeus), Earl, George, Will, Greg and Wes

The mountains were shrouded in clouds and a light misty rain fell as we left early this past Sunday morning, heading to Indiana to visit Wes’ family. About an hour or so into the drive northward, miraculously the clouds parted allowing the sun to shine down, and before we knew it the gray skies were almost gone, replaced by beautiful blue ones instead, filling our world with light! A glorious sunlight which we had not seen for eight days here in the Smokies, so no matter what would happen throughout the remainder of the day, for me it was all good . . . it was all good! We arrived at Wes’ parents home that afternoon, in time to visit with Wes’ brother Tony and wife Karen, and for our dear friend Earl, now 99 years old, and I to enjoy a lovely walk down to feed the neighborhood horses. That evening Wes’ brother Greg and nephew Will joined us all for supper.

jeanie and rachele siegrist  feeding the horsesTaking Jeanie along on my 2nd trip to feed the horses

rachelle siegrist feeding horses near louisvilleAlways such a treat for me!

The next day Wes, George and I took a walk up onto the new Big Four Bridge which is a pedestrian bridge spanning the Ohio River, linking Louisville to Jeffersonville. Being quite chilly on top, we decided we would wait until our next visit, when it’s warmer, to walk the entire bridge. Leaving there we went to Rural King, which is like a mega Tractor Supply store, to restock on peanuts for my critters and to enjoy looking around. After lunch we spent the afternoon exploring different places, and were joined by Wes’ brother Tony and his wife Karen for supper and a movie that evening.

rachelle siegrist in muleHappily dreaming and wishing!

the big four bridge in louisvilleGeorge and I on the Big Four Bridge with Louisville in the background

Tuesday we headed for Madison, IN, to visit the historic Lanier Mansion, which is considered to be the “Crown Jewel” of Madison’s lovely Historic District. It was a delight to view each of the home’s beautiful rooms, adorned with Christmas decorations representative of the 1800s. Each time we ascended the stunning spiral staircase, we were treated with more visual delights on the next floor. The 3rd floor was obviously meant for use mostly by children or short people, as the ceiling appeared to rest on Wes and George’s heads! We learned so much about life in that era, including how celery was so costly and hard to get, that it would be placed in vases and displayed quite some time before being eaten. Feeling like we had stepped back in time for a short while, we thanked our friendly tour guide for a most informative and entertaining tour! Now it’s your turn to enjoy a virtual tour of the gorgeous mansion . . .

lanier mansion in madisonJeanie, me and George standing in front of the mansion

spiral staircase in the lanier mansionThe stunning spiral staircase . . . a real work of art!

bedroom in lanier mansionOne of the many bedrooms

lanier mansion dining roomThe dining room set and ready for a feast

lanier mansion parlourThe beautiful Parlor with Christmas decorations

room in lanier mansionA reading room

We then visited a few shops in the historical downtown area of Madison, including a chocolate shop, which was a delightful treat for our noses, and a scrumptious one for our taste buds! That evening George drove us to a few areas to see Christmas light displays that were just beautiful. It was certainly a fun filled day indeed!

betty mundt's candies

These two window displays were truly stunning!

betty mundts chocolates in madison

Sister-n-law Karen and her grandson, Braden, joined us to watch the movie “Penguins of Madagascar” that next afternoon, where we all enjoyed a few laughs. Later that evening Greg and his family came for supper at Wes’ parents home, and afterwards Wes and I played a card game called “Trash”, supposedly a new favorite of kids in that area, with niece Caroline.  It was a nice visit and more memories were made!

~ ————— Ω ————— ~


~ The latest paintings off of the Siegrists’ Easels ~

Wes and I are now caught up with necessities and are back at our easels happily painting once again, continuing to work on several commissions at the moment.  We’ll share them when we can!

~ ————— Ω ————— ~

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Until next time . . .
~ Rachelle

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