Waterfalls and Water Droplets

wes siegrist hiking

There’s something very soothing about walking through the woods, during a light misty rain. The moisture collecting along the outstretched arms of the trees, forming thousands of droplets that fall, softly landing on a dense blanket of freshly fallen leaves covering the ground below. Whilst walking along, all you hear is the peaceful symphony composed by these droplets . . .”drip…drip…drip“. The falling droplets mixed with the sound of my steps on the moist earth, blend together creating a rhythmic pattern, lulling me into a state of complete relaxation. 

nature photography

Everywhere I look are thousands of water droplets, precariously dangling like diamonds from the tips of the pine needles, and it’s simply beautiful! The miniature droplets which created a magical woodland weren’t the only delightful surprise, as we discovered that what we thought was a dry creek bed is actually a seasonal creek, and after the recent rains, came alive with the sights and sounds of running water all along the trail! 

nature photography2

We found numerous cascades and even a couple of little waterfalls along the creek. The one below was about two foot high and filled the air with a delightful sounds of falling water as we walked along.

nature photography5

There were several more smaller cascades as well along the creek blanketed by ferns. Every twist and turn brought a new watery surprise, and I was thrilled with our latest discovery!

nature photography6

Wes and I were like two little kids again, out playing in the creek after the rain had finally stopped! I found this small waterfall shown below most interesting, as it falls inside a small cave like area, where the hollow underground alcove created a lovely sound. 

nature photography4

Sunken Creek (shown below), which emerges from the dome shaped opening and flows constantly, was up and running and quite lovely to hear. I recently transplanted some beautiful lush clumps of moss near the mouth of the little stream, and it appeared to be thriving with the abundant moisture. I’m planning to make this a lovely area to sit by the stream, using stones, ferns and moss from our property, and will share the progress of it with you, as I go along.

nature photography3

I must admit that I wishing to be the height of a Barbie doll and have a wee kayak and tube, so that I could be taking advantage of the miniature whitewater stream! It would’ve been an awesome ride indeed!…Don’t you agree?

nature photography8

Whilst “playing” in the creek, we saw several frogs, and a big crawdad, who got swept downstream by the rushing water. We’ve seen him several times in the little pool area, so he obviously craws back up when the water slows down. The funny thing is, that I no longer dread a day of rain, since I know it will bring to life my “sleeping creek”, and fill Sunken Creek with wee bits of whitewater!

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Until Next Time ~ Rachelle

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