Building Our Monument To Pizza

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Each week here brings a variety of different weather. One day this past week, we woke up to a light, misty rain, which brought along with it either fog or a giant cloud that hung around all throughout the day. At one point that afternoon, I was peering out the window and saw the fog growing denser, and slowly creeping towards the house, appearing as if it were going to swallow us, house and all! It reminded me of something out of an Alfred Hitchcock movie, and I half expected any minute to wake up in another dimension . . . Ha Ha! Finally that evening, it started clearing up and was followed by a torrential downpour that lasted over two hours, and I was thankful to be on high ground! 

While we’ve had more nights nearing single digit temperatures, the garden plants are thriving in the greenhouse, where they stay nestled and fairly warm. We’ve enjoyed eating fresh lettuce and kale this past week, and I love seeing the bright red blossoms of the geranium, filling me with hopes of springtime!

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I was watching the birds out the living room window recently and happened to see a squirrel climbing a nearby tree. I was thrilled when I saw it climb into this hole shown below, stuffed with leaves and dried grasses! This exciting discovery fills me with anticipation and  the hopes that I’ll be seeing baby squirrels emerge from the hole this spring! I’ll keep you posted on the activity in it.

squirrel nest

We took advantage of our nice weather days to work on our pizza oven some more. The last row of concrete blocks was added and filled with gravel and some cement. Wes then built a wooden box out of some scrap boards we had, and placed it atop the base, securing it tightly with a pony strap which was cinched down. 

buidling a pizza oven

Then the fun part came, and after mixing a big bucket of concrete, gravel and construction sand, he poured it into the form.

buidling a pizza oven13

Then it was my turn to start working it around the form, making sure to get it filled in really good around the edges, while working out as many air bubbles out as possible. Then it was time to do the final smoothing process, and as it started setting up. we continued to smooth it with a piece of 2X4, which seemed to work quite well.

buidling a pizza oven 10

We covered it with plastic and let it sit and cure for several days before taking the plastic off and letting it finish drying out. Excitedly, once the form was off it revealed a nice smooth and even platform! We will be putting fire bricks on top of this concrete slab, and then finally the actual oven itself, once it’s finished. The concrete has to be put on the oven mold in multiple layers and left to cure for about two months before we can build a small fire inside, and then use it.

building a pizza oven 11

Since we have so many free rocks here on the property, we’re going to cover the bottom of the oven with sand stone, which will tie it in with the patio and give it a beautiful finished look. And after all this work, I just know the pizzas will have to be delicious!

building a pizza oven 12


Wes had the honor as the SAA Executive Director to jury and judge the 8th annual The Crow Show hosted by The Studio Door Gallery in San Diego, CA. I must say I thouroughly enjoyed looking through the submitted artwork with him!


Our touring exhibition Exquisite Miniatures is currently at The Evelyn Burrow Museum, located in Hanceville, AL, where you can see it now through April 15th 2022. So if you’re in the area, plan a visit to the museum, grab a magnifying glass and be “Wowed” in person!

exquisite miniatures evelyn burrow museum

The 47th International Miniature Art Show (MASF) is now open and You can view the show online and make purchases here .  The show is being held at The Dunedin Fine Art Center, located in Dunedin, FL and today is your last chance to see it!

Society of Animal Artists 2021 Exhibition
Remaining Tour Venue:
February 5 – May 5, 2022: The Sternberg Museum of Natural History, Hays, KS

To see our available miniature paintings as well as some upcoming shows, please visit our WEBSITE


Until Next Time ~ Rachelle

4 thoughts on “Building Our Monument To Pizza

  1. Denise Horne-Kaplan

    Wooow that’s allot of work but that’ll make it all that much more rewarding when it’s all done… and now you’ve got me in the mood for pizza tonight…

    1. It’s actually fun work though in a way. LOL about putting you in the mood for pizza 😂 I bet Wes and I could eat pizza almost every day Ha Ha! I plan on making bread and lots of other stuff in the pizza oven too. 👍 I’ll have to blog about what all we make in it.
      Cheers 😄

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