They Are Back!!

white-tailed deer photo

Early this morning, I slowly made my way over to the living room window to peer out, with high hopes that this would be the day I would see the deer back in our yard. And lo and behold, there they were, in all their glory! Five of them as a matter of fact, standing right there in the front yard, mere feet from the window! I was thrilled to say the least, and called out to Wes saying “They’re here!” He carefully came and stood there watching them with me. It was obviously the first time they have seen the landscaping improvements I’ve made to the front yard, as they slowly circled the one section, carefully sniffing each rock and plant added to the setting. They seemed content with the additions, so I’m guessing they approve. After a short while, they walked across the driveway and into the woods on the other side, slowly making their way up the hillside and eventually onto the trail, which they followed up into the woods.

deer photo2

We’ve made more progress on projects around the house the past couple of weeks. One of the hardest was safely moving the concrete pizza oven from inside the garage out to the stone base. We had been concerned, especially since it was down on the garage floor and clearly weighed more than we had expected. Fortunately, Wes’s brother and his wife had stopped by to visit last week and Tony was able to help Wes get it up off the floor and on to a table. From there, it was still not an easy task at all, but after it was safely loaded onto the wheelbarrow, we began the arduous task of carefully rolling it around to the backyard. Using pieces of 2X4’s we moved it onto the base and slowly maneuvered it into place. What a relief it was indeed, to finally have it in place! Now to add another layer of concrete and a few more rocks, and it will be completed. 

stone patio

With spring finally here, we finished one of the raised rock garden beds by the patio and I’ve started planting a few herbs in it. 

herb garden

another great project was the DIY composter which Wes designed and built using the old dryer tub, some pieces of old plywood and wheels we had laying around. To use it, you simply undo the latch, open the door and toss your kitchen scraps in, then you spin it once, it’s that easy. The base is constructed of logs from a downed tree on the property, that he peeled off all the bark. It’s very sturdy and should last a very long time, and even better, it matches the log cabin and was free! 

DIY composter

Another fun woodworking project was redoing this picnic table which the former owner had left for us. It’s actually made with an old table base from a McDonald’s, with two of the twisting seat attachments that still worked. So we made seats for those two from wood we had, whilst reusing and refinishing the original boards that were on there already. It works great and makes me feel like a kid again while twisting back and forth on the seat!

log cabin furniture DIY

Our favorite “restaurants” here are outside! There are several parks nearby that we love eating take-out picnics at when we’re in town running errands. I thought this was a particularly beautiful location and the view couldn’t be beat, and of course the brilliant blue skies and abundant sunshine made it even better!

rachelle siegrist


While I’m continuing to paint on a pet commission that I’ll be sharing with you later on, Wes has been busily at work framing our miniature paintings for upcoming shows. Downsizing our studio and framing area after our recent move, brought along with it several challenges. Nonetheless, Wes has figured out how to adapt within the space, to make it work. All I can say, is thank goodness we paint miniatures!

siegrist artist studio


miniature portrait painting

Our touring exhibition Exquisite Miniatures is currently at The Evelyn Burrow Museum, located in Hanceville, AL, where you can see it now through April 21st, 2022. So if you’re in the area, plan a visit to the museum, grab a magnifying glass and be “Wowed” in person!

Society of Animal Artists 2021 Exhibition
Remaining Tour Venue:
February 5 – May 5, 2022: The Sternberg Museum of Natural History, Hays, KS

To see our available miniature paintings as well as some upcoming shows, please

visit our WEBSITE     Email us

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Until Next Time ~ Rachelle

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