A Most Entertaining Visitor!

An Early Morning Visit From Bandit the Raccoon

By Rachelle Siegrist

raccoon visiting siegriat art studioWe hadn’t seen him in quite sometime, but we knew he was still coming during the night.  The unmistakable evidence was the wet raccoon footprints that were all over the deck most mornings, where he had played in the birdbaths, then walked about.  Well, while eating breakfast a couple of mornings ago, he decided to make a visit during daylights hours, perhaps because he had suspicions about the buffet I had just put out for my birds and squirrels.  Nonetheless, it made for a delightful and entertaining breakfast show!

lazy raccoonI found it most amusing how he decided it much more enjoyable to lay down while eating, as if he were a Roman dining way back when.  So he did just that, and once he had gathered all of the sunflower seeds he could reach in one area, he would slowly slide up the handrail and do the same thing again and again, until all was eaten.  This went on for quite some time, until he had finished off what was on the handrail, then  he moved over to the rock, where the peanut crunchies lay.

raccoon eating peanutsMmmmmm . . . you could just tell he was having a most delightful time as he made short work of the pile of peanuts.  Finishing them off, he slowly ventured over to the squirrel box, and after finally figuring out how to open it, was thrilled with his findings inside!  Methodically he reached in, grabbing the seeds and Hickory nuts, then slowly and gracefully ate them until he had polished off that small collection of food as well.

cute raccoon photoHa . . . I finally figured out how to open the lid properly

raccoon photoStretch and reach . . .

raccoon eating sunflowerStop laughing . . . you people should make this easier to do!

raccoon eatingAfter finishing off what was inside the box, he next moved onto what we call the “barn”, as we fill it with sunflower seeds, nuts and other treats during the winter months.  At first he gathered what was most easily reached, and then decided to go for the gusto, trying his hardest to cram and squish as much of his chubby self as he could inside the first compartment, as he devoured the seeds inside.

raccoon looking for seedsI can see a few seeds still there way in the back . . .

funny raccoon photoI know I can cram myself in there if I just try hard enough!

thirsty raccoon

Sure wish this was heated water!

Having finished off the goodies inside the barn and realizing he had also eaten everything off of the handrails and out of the squirrel box, he suddenly realized he had acquired a great thirst, so over to the birdbath he went.  After carefully breaking up the icy surface with his paw, he contentedly drank, until obviously satisfied . . . very satisfied indeed!

a funny  chubby raccoon photo

I can’t believe I ate it all!

Then he sort of plopped down at the bottom of the birdbath, where he commenced to get a bath, and then just sat there all slumped over, as if thinking . . . “I can’t believe I ate all that!”  “Oh . . . How adorable” I thought to myself, and as always imagined how very much fun it would be to hold and pet him . . . of course if it only were a safe thing to do! So there you have it, I hope you too enjoyed this delightful breakfast visitor and show!

Other than watching and adoring Bandit, I’ve been feeding my Carolina Wrens, Peeps and Elvira, numerous mealworms throughout each day, as well as keeping all of my other feathered friends well fed.  We’ve just about caught up on most things after returning from The Plantation Wildlife Arts Festival in Thomasville last weekend, and the Waterfowl Festival the weekend before.  Yesterday we enjoyed a nice relaxing and peaceful walk in nearby Smoky Mountain National Park.  Now we’re back at our easels while finishing some end of the year commissions.

rachelle siegrist hiking bote mountain trailStanding by the Bote Mountain Trail sign

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Until next time . . .
~ Rachelle

4 thoughts on “A Most Entertaining Visitor!

  1. Don Weiser

    Hi Folks, Very nice blog and pics this week. I don’t think I had or found time to read/reply to the last two blogs. My bad. Don


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