When Tiny Is Big

Tennessee Magazine rachelle and wes siegrist article

Wes and I had the privilege this past month of being interviewed by writer Ron Bell, for an article in the January 2020 issue of The Tennessee Magazine. It was a most delightful interview and we really enjoyed the couple hours spent with him and his wife Deana at our home and studio here in the Smokies. It’s always interesting to read someone’s take on what we do as artists and who we are, and Ron did a wonderful job with the article, creating something that is both fun and informative and makes the reader feel as if they too spent the afternoon with us.  So here’s the link so you too can enjoy reading his insightful article entitled “It All Comes Down to Scale” featured in this month’s issue of The Tennessee Magazine.

~ In The Studio ~

Since it has rained most of the time this past week, Wes and I have spent most of our time here in the studio at our easels.  We just finished paintings for upcoming juried shows, so I’ll be sharing those with you later. Here’s the commission I did last month of four precious, adorable chicks, which is now being loved and enjoyed in its new home!

chicken painting by rachelle siegrist
“Thelma, Louise, Laverne, and Shirley”

Wes painted a miniature this past week of a beautiful dove nesting in a Palo Verde. We took the reference photo for this piece while visiting the Saguaro National Park region of Arizona, one of our favorite places to explore! It’s always fun to both paint warm sunny paintings during the winter!

Wes’ “A Palo Verde Palace”

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~ Rachelle


2 thoughts on “When Tiny Is Big

  1. I keep trying to comment on you blog posts but am never able to do it as they Want me to fill in so many details including a password. It used to be easy as I’d just write my comments and press send x

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    1. Hi Bill,
      I’m so sorry it’s being problematic for you. I’m not really sure why it’s doing that, as it should be easy to leave a comment. It did work for you though, as this comment came through just fine. I hope your New Year is going well thus far!
      Hugs 🤗

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