Miniature Paintings, Flowers and A Friend!

Miniature Paintings, Flowers and Friend!

by Rachelle Siegrist

miniature daffodils rachelle siegrist.jpg
And of course we even have miniature Daffodils!

Spring seems to be coming early this year, as our Daffodils, Forsythia, and several other things are in full bloom already!  Being a fan of warmer weather, green trees and flowers, this is fine by me!  In the studio, Wes and I have been busy catching up on everything since returning home from our our shows the past two weekends, NatureWorks and SEWE.  We’ve also been back at our easels painting on commissions and other paintings for upcoming shows.

I however, took a break yesterday afternoon, and walked down with my little buddy Chance and his grandparents, to the school playground.  He was very happy to see Aunt Chelle after me being gone the past two weekends, and even more excited when he realized I wasn’t there to just watch, but was actually going to play with him!  He sweetly took my hand and led me like a princess up the steps climbing to the top, before telling me which slide we were to go down.  He flew down the slide exclaiming . . . “Come on Chelle!”  and I followed suite.  Having usually traveled slow on most slides, I wasn’t prepared for what came next. I flew right down the slide and right off the end . . . flying up into the air and landing in the dirt!  Little Chance ran over to me gently taking my hand, and saying “Oh Chelle!”  and sweetly helped me dust the dirt off of my pants!  Of course I laughed and laughed while climbing up with him to do it again, this time more prepared however.

Down we went again and again, and each time Chance got to the bottom of the slide, he would watch me come down, saying “Here she comes!” Each time I reached the bottom, he gently took my hand, causing us to shock each other, thanks to the unbelievable amounts of static electricity being made coming down the slide . . . Ha Ha!  We had so much fun sliding, climbing and swinging, and my precious little friend reminded me once again, how the best things in life are both simple and free!

~ Fresh off the Easels ~

Wes and I both recently finished miniature paintings for the upcoming 26th International Miniature Art Show held at the Seaside Art Gallery, located in Nags Head, NC. Last year we were honored to be judges for this delightful miniature show and enjoyed spending time exploring the Outer Banks area as well!  I’ve always been a big fan of lighthouses and so visiting this beautiful one was indeed a highlight of the trip!  And painting it . . . even more fun!

Bodie island lighthouse painting
My “Bodie Island Lighthouse” 
“Shelter From Storm” by Wes

Wes also recently finished his painting of a beautiful Quail, one of our all time favorite birds!  While living in Florida, we had a pair of quail who nested in the grassy field beside our house, and it was a such a treat every year, when they started bringing their little adorable puffball babies to our front yard to eat the scratch corn we put out for them.  Watching them from our dining room window was such a delight!  Wes’ quail is part of Collector’s Covey Miniature Show this year.

quail painting by wes siegrist, miniature quail painting
“Upland Gold” by Wes

Boykin Spaniel painting, commission a dog painting, dog paintings by rachelle siegrist

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Until next time . . .

~ Rachelle

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